Traveling in Europe
Europe is the closest continent to us and each of its places can be reached in about 2 hours by flight from Italy.
We are almost all from Tuscany and we are fortunate to have Pisa airport near us, which is one of Italy's main air hubs for Ryanair. From Pisa airport you can reach almost all European capitals with ease.
Tour in Europe
Choose one of the trips to the old continent made by our travellers or take inspiration from our tours for your next trip.
Take advantage of our suggestions for a safe trip without surprises, tricks and tips ranging from the necessary documents to travel in Europe to where to sleep in the various European countries we have visited.

The destinations you will find in our stories have been personally visited by the members of who provide you with all their experience.

Cosa vedere nei dintorni di Viareggio 
 la Massarosa - scavi dell'area archeologica romana

Viareggio and the surrounding area to visit

While going to the area of Viareggio and thus Versilia many people do not know that in the inland part and , specifically in Massarosa ...

Michelangelo and the marble
Discovering Carrara

Marble and sculpture. The workshops from which Italian Art, the one with a capital A, has passed, starting with Michelangelo. The somewhat closed, reserved and ...

Two days in Ravenna with kids
Zoo Safari and Fiabilandia

Zoo Safari and Fiabilandia, two theme parks within walking distance of Ravenna that those with children between the ages of two and six must necessarily ...

Touch and go in Metz

In old Lorraine, at the junction of the Moselle and Seille rivers, Metz greets visitors amid history, art and nature. An excellent city for a ...

Visiting Umbria,
the lesser known

From Bettona to Bevagna, from Spello to Montefalco: here is the account of the last two days of our vacation in Umbria, discovering the area ...

The ideal beach for children?
It is located in Albinia

The ideal beach for children? It is located in Albinia. A stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea where the coast slopes gently, campsites equipped for every ...

Chinese pagoda in Rome
The largest Buddhist temple in Europe.

Can you discover through Instagram the existence of a wonder that is only a couple of miles from the house where you always lived as ...

Amsterdam what to see: Amsterdam xxx

Amsterdam what to see: Leaving the Keukenhof Botanical Garden, our trip took us to Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, known and coveted especially by the ...
dovevado home photo

Tour e destinazioni in Europa

Uno spazio predominante per la visita del nostro “Bel Paese” ma potrete scoprire la nostra passione per i paesi Europei visitati dai noi e dai nostri amici con i metodi più diversi: dal trekking fino agli viaggi di lusso.
Dalla visita delle capitali Europee come Londra e Parigi, fino agli angoli più romantici del vecchio continente come il tour della Lavanda in Provenza o quello alla scoperta dei Tulipani in Olanda