A three-day holiday to discover what to see in Assisi and its surroundings in the Northern Umbria Valley.

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Roberta Capanni

Switzerland and its lakes

Switzerland is very, very beautiful. It has no access to the sea but does not miss it because it has wonderful lakes of all shapes and sizes. We have told you about the glaciers for the summer but in autumn

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Alberto Macaluso

November holidays to book now

November holidays to book now? If you are here those people who need to plan out of character or necessity, it is good to get organised for November travel. Booking earlier also has the advantage of savings and now is

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Roberta Capanni

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. Those who read me know that for me this region is among the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful in Italy. I am not Sicilian but Tuscan and

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Pienza Panorama
Val d’Orcia
Alberto Macaluso

Pienza, cosa vedere nella “città ideale”

Visitare Pienza è un’esperienza da fare con calma. Anche se piccola questo gioiello della Val d’Orcia va “gustato” lentamente come ogni luogo dove la storia ha lasciato il suo segno. Pienza, la “città ideale” voluta da Enea Piccolomini futuro papa

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