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Palazzo Pitti
Alberto Macaluso

Pitti Palace in Florence: a Renaissance Gem.

Florence is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in Italy. Prominent among Florence’s many cultural gems is the Pitti Palace, an icon of the Renaissance era that attracts visitors from all over the world. Here I want to explore

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Pag Croazia isola di pag
Paolo Salvetti

Pag Croatia or the young island

The island of Pag is characterised by its lunar landscape, enchanting beaches and social life. Among the five must-see islands, I have also rightly included this Croatian island. There is nothing lacking on this elongated island. Pag in Croatia is

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Cosa vedere nei dintorni di Viareggio 
 la Massarosa - scavi dell'area archeologica romana
Roberta Capanni

Viareggio and the surrounding area to visit

While going to the area of Viareggio and thus Versilia many people do not know that in the inland part and , specifically in Massarosa Massaciuccoli, there is an archaeological area of great interest. A very nice cultural itinerary to

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carrara marmo 6carmi
Marco Pomella

Michelangelo and the marble
Discovering Carrara

Marble and sculpture. The workshops from which Italian Art, the one with a capital A, has passed, starting with Michelangelo. The somewhat closed, reserved and anarchic-flavored atmosphere in the city. The fountain in the square with its incredible hydraulic play,

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Touch and go in Metz

In old Lorraine, at the junction of the Moselle and Seille rivers, Metz greets visitors amid history, art and nature. An excellent city for a midway stop, a coffee or a stroll by the river, Metz stands at a strategic

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