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dovevado.net is the travel blog where Paolo, Alberto, serial travellers and their friends share their travel experiences with those who are looking for cues to visit their next destination.
We like to travel following our experiences, insights and attitudes.

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Our aim is to offer travellers our experience to avoid our mistakes and enjoy our emotions.

A travel blog to share and be useful

We certainly do not like to travel unprepared, each of our trips is always prepared in detail, so we provide in this blog our experience as travelers and that of our closest friends to help others to visit the destinations we have added to our diary avoiding the inconveniences that happen from time to time.

Our friends, inspiration and resources for new adventures

Yes, our friends. In front of a pizza or a good glass of wine we share places, people, travel emotions.
Even if we share our experiences we are able to enrich ourselves a little bit, so we also want to share their stories because all travellers are not the same: those who love to travel as a couple, those alone and others with their family. Some of them are looking for art, others for landscapes, others for good food.
Each one of them, by sharing their stories and experiences while travelling, will be able to give you a different point of view and a key to your way of travelling.

I wouldn’t describe Dovevado.net as a multi-author blog, – it’s a term that can sometimes have impersonal meanings – we have created a blog where it is possible to take cues for an upcoming journey through the eyes of those who have similar ways to yours to face a new city, a new country, a new continent.

Paolo Salvetti & Alberto Macaluso