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The fact that low-cost airlines have revolutionised the way we travel is a fact; no more obligatory stops at travel agencies (with attached “agency fees”), no more pilgrimages at airline ticket offices (often located only in airports and therefore not very convenient to reach). The world wide web and 4G give us the possibility of “do-it-yourself” as, when and where you want.

Considering that I make about thirty flights a year, I can only say THANK YOU!!!
Precisely because of my frequent use of the object in question, friends have given me the role of “official consultant” in all matters concerning bookings and the like.
Here are some “guidelines” in black and white

General advice

Fly low cost
Fly low cost

Never book from the same computer from which you searched for your flight

First thing I say to everyone, if you have looked at the prices of a flight “for information only”, make the booking from a different computer or mobile phone, however from a different IP address…
Find out via App outside the house and book from the computer at home or vice versa and in any case, before you are about to book, Delete cookies!!

Always check that your browser and app are up to date; if they are not, there may be problems during the payment process and if you repeat the process, there will almost certainly be an increase in fees.

Airlines are watching us! Once the customer’s interest in a flight has been registered, the system will increase the fares on the next connection.

Further advice: subscribe to the airline newsletters you plan to use. They are the best way to find out about discounts, promotions, changes in regulations, various problems, and generally speaking, the subject of the email is clear; that’s all you need to know whether to open or trash immediately.
Another thing, where you can also have a look at the fares of the flag companies. Rarely, very rarely, can they have attractive fares. It usually happens on round-trip flights with at least three nights between the first and second… however, trying doesn’t hurt! Since I move mainly on the “Paris-Tuscany” axis, I also consider AirFrance.

Hand luggage

hand luggage
hand luggage

On cabin baggage, Vueling is absolutely “the best”: hand luggage measuring 55x40x25 (10 kg) plus personal bag at no extra charge.

For me it is essential to have my personal bag in the cabin in addition to the hand luggage to be stored in the hatbox.

Vueling in this respect is absolutely “The Best”: hand luggage measuring 55x40x25 (10 kg) plus personal bag at no extra charge. The bag can also be a full Eastpack type backpack (and is never weighed!!!) It costs €19 to send one piece of luggage (23 kg) in the hold.

Vueling is the only company that admits small dogs and cats without any problem, subject to the use of an approved carrier.

Ryanair, with a view to reducing boarding times as much as possible, has recently changed its regulation allowing double cabin baggage only to passengers who have purchased priority boarding. It currently costs 5 € and you can also buy it without having to choose (and of course pay for) your seat.

If you do not want to pay, either you fly with only one piece of baggage, or you will have to leave the larger one (at no extra cost) at boarding to retrieve it on arrival as any hold baggage.

Attention: the fact that, in practice, the suitcase does not travel in the cabin does not give the right to carry “not allowed” objects such as liquids and creams over 100 ml.

Easyjet is undoubtedly the most expensive company in terms of additional services; Speedy boarding (allowing 2. baggage in the cabin) from 19.49 € and checked baggage at prohibitive prices: 29 € for 15 kg and 34 € for 23 kg!! On a positive note, there is no weight limit for hand luggage.

AirFrance allows double hand luggage in the cabin, but… the two together cannot exceed 12 kg!

When you consider that an empty trolley cabin bag weighs 2 kg… a nightmare! Especially for me… my “everyday walking bag” never weighs less than 7 kg!!!


For those like me who may suffer from aeroplane sickness, an aisle seat is a must; the plane is more stable in the centre… Bye bye beautiful view from the window.

low cost flight check in

Let’s make it clear once and for all… the obligatory online check in that require low cost (excluding Vueling) implies an automatic seat allocation. If you want to be sure to fly next to your fellow passengers, you have to buy a seat. I can’t stand hearing people complaining because their husband, wife, grandfather, cousin and family friend are sitting far apart! For those like me who may suffer from aeroplane sickness, an aisle seat is a must; the plane is more stable in the centre… Bye bye beautiful view from the window.

A little curiosity: the middle place, the one that nobody wants, is the one that has the most space (in width) for the legs.

I also carefully avoid the first row and the one (usually the 10 or 11) at the emergency exit on the wings; these are the rows where during take-off and landing it is not allowed to keep the bag on the ground, between the feet. I can’t even imagine my computer in the hatbox… I demand it strictly and uninterruptedly in close contact!

Seat prices vary depending on the location on the plane; from €3.99 for Vueling, €3 for Ryanair, €4.99 for Easyjet and €10 for AirFrance.

Last but not least, if you have to rent a car on arrival, it is good to have a look at the rates proposed during the booking process… often they are really more advantageous.

Flying Low Cost, practical tips

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