Passion Tuscany,
three provinces in two days

The Tuscan passion always leads us to look for a moment, an opportunity (wallet permitting), good for an escape from the routine.
The idea of a little getaway in the south of Tuscany taking advantage of the Easter holidays of the girls has been teasing us for a while, but at the last moment everything was about to jump because Andrea was at work even on Easter, but my determination made the difference.

Easter Monday in Tuscany with children

Leaving on Easter morning we could always enjoy a two-day adventure. We opted for the Maremma because of its beauty but also because the forecasts indicated it as the island of sun in the middle of the clouds and because the Easter snack had to be for us absolutely on the beach.

We have opted for the Maremma for its beauty! .

We started the usual search on the internet with a bit of regret I have to say that I have received a reply from a third of the structures contacted (maybe full, but maybe say so, like hell I’ll look for you again next time).

I must necessarily thank Mrs. Fabiola of Agriturismo Campospillo of Magliano in Tuscany (surely our next base for the exploration of the Tuscan countryside), who, even though full, indicated the Borgo Magliano Resort which will prove to be an excellent base for us.

The caravan leaves in the morning, after having stocked up on food and drinks for lunch, to an unknown destination, we will stop where we like.

At the exit of the motorway at Rosignano, we exit and continue definitely south: Donoratico, San Vincenzo, Baratti… still southbound.

Arrived at Punta Ala we exit the highway and opt for the beach of Scarlino also because the girls start complaining about hunger and are eager to play on the beach.

Scarlino kite beach
kite surf

A quiet place, with beach and pine forest … we threw ourselves on the food as if we had been in the desert for a month, then we dedicated ourselves to walks on the beach, card games, hunting the most beautiful shell and watching the colorful kitesurf.
Someone would have liked to risk a dip but the water was really too cold.

Let’s make camp and continue our journey: Magliano we are coming.

Borgo Magliano Resort

borgo Magliano resort 2 e1493221418906

Once in Borgo Magliano Resort we take possession of the flat (essential but comfortable and cute)

Borgo Magliano resort e1493221393487

The Resort is in an excellent location with a view of Magliano and breathtaking sea views of the Argentario…we enjoyed a stratospheric sunset relaxed by the pool! !! This time we couldn’t dissuade the children from diving into the pool!!! How can I blame them, they were three truly inviting panoramic pools.

Knitwear where to eat

restaurant Poventa

After a quick shower we go to the exploration of the village.
In the streets of the small town of Magliano we have also stolen at sunset the last part of its show by observing it from the walls – still partly passable – that surround the village.

Not having booked it was not so immediate to find a place for dinner, we like to go on an adventure but sometimes it has its cons.
In this case the luck helped us and we dined at Ristorante Poventa, a simple but well-structured restaurant, traditional cuisine and service gave a more than excellent impression.
I had asked for a wine unknown to me, as always I prefer unpublished local wines or wines from less famous wineries… unfortunately it was finished, but the owner was able to recommend an alternative bottle which turned out to be very good.

The absence of light pollution allowed us to admire a sky full of stars.

We left the table with a smile on our lips and the desire not to let the day end yet, we walked a bit more through the streets of Magliano, in a not bad atmosphere. We stopped for a drink at “La Cantina di Cecco” a nice and informal place.
On our walk we caught a glimpse of the village pub which seemed very “Londonish” and full of young people… strange for a small medieval village! We decided to return to the resort and there we enjoyed another show… the absence of light pollution allowed us to admire a sky full of stars.

The olive tree of the Witches

The olive tree of the Witches

After a frugal breakfast we went to the beautiful hundred-year-old olive grove, in the middle of which the witches’ olive tree stands out!!! A plant that from the carbon test can be placed between 2500 and 3000 years ago!!! To say the least incredible!

The name “The olive tree of the Witches” dates back to the Middle Ages when it is said that all the witches of the Maremma gathered around the majestic tree. The feast, which was also attended by fauns and centaurs, took place on the night of the Summer Solstice for San Giovanni, between 23 and 24 June.
Another legend tells of a witch who danced around the tree every Friday, forcing the plant to twist until it took on its present form.

Beyond the stories of witches, it is exciting to find oneself in the presence of this thousand-year-old tree surrounded by other old olive trees, among which is recognizable not only for its size, but also for a fence that protects it from the numerous visitors, some of whom had the vandalic habit of removing a few branches as a souvenir of the sight.

Volterra Etruscan city

We decide to leave for Volterra, a city always worth visiting, for its hidden and not hidden treasures… it’s a mixture of city and village, many real shops get confused among the tourist ones, the same goes for the restaurants, which we didn’t test in the afternoon.

The alabaster is almost everywhere, since it has always been extracted and worked here… among the many things to see, archaeological finds and works of art, you can’t miss the picture gallery where, among others, one of Rosso Fiorentino’s most famous paintings is exhibited, the “deposition of the cross”.


Bolgheri is always a guarantee

How can we finish this eno gastronomic tour satisfying our Tuscan passion without making a visit to the delicious village of Bolgheri?

After just an hour or so by car we are on the magnificent boulevard so dear to Carducci, five kilometres of imposing cypresses that lead you to the small village partly surrounded by the walls of its castle.

Viale Bolgheri e1493243281972

Unfortunately, however, over the years, precisely because of its international appeal, it has become very popular and as often happens, receipts take priority over everything else… in fact, the small taverns of the past are now to be found elsewhere… but this is another story…

The photogallery of our holiday

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