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Born 3 years ago this Travelblog wants to tell the travel experiences of Paolo and Alberto, two web professionals for work and travelers for passion. Together with them a group of trusted friends that we managed to turn into trendy Italian Travelbloggers.

Visitare Torino
Chiara Guarascio

Visit Turin: the multiform city

The first time I was in Turin I was on a school trip in the ninth grade, and I have a vague memory of it. The second was in 2013, during a rock concert at the Olympic Stadium: I still

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Vacanze con il cane
Paolo Salvetti

Holidays with the dog, advice to follow.

Taking your holidays with your dog is one of the things that many people today do and others would like to do but are afraid of all the rules and good rules to follow to make your four-legged friend feel

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Borgo dora Torino
Province of Turin
Erika Pucci

Borgo Dora, the effervescent soul of Turin

The discovery of Borgo Dora was what most impressed us during our stay in Turin. The district, close to the river of the same name, boasts an ancient and significant history. It was here that the first industries capable of

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Colorado provenzale
Paolo Salvetti

Colorado Provencal: Roussillon and Rustrel

In one of my many trips to Provence I was told of the existence of a place called Colorado Provencal. We were intrigued by the descriptions they had given us and so we decided to stop in Roussillon and Rustrel.

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Chiara Guarascio

Where to eat in London

 I can already hear teeth grinding and the imperceptible sound of hair standing on my head: typical London dishes? But everyone knows that English cuisine is no good! OK, then let me convince you otherwise! Typical London dishes Now, I

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Travel Blog

Our idea of Travel Blog is to represent our experiences so that our readers can find interesting ideas for their travels and face them without surprises. Many are our business trips, but we like to tell our experiences and share them.
To do this function in the best possible way, we decided to use a group of friends who could give their personal vision of the journey. Each of them has different characteristics and habits in facing the trip.
Discover our travelers: we therefore have the mother who travels with the children. the solitary traveller who also faces the journey from Backpacker, the lover of the mountains and adventure, the couple travellers and those who travel to discover the curiosities of the world.
Everything lived and everything real. Every single experience is personally tested.
In doing so, has become one of the most popular Travel Blogs in the Italian Travel Blog scene.