Holidays with the dog, advice to follow.

Taking your holidays with your dog is one of the things that many people today do and others would like to do but are afraid of all the rules and good rules to follow to make your four-legged friend feel good and at the same time respect others.

Having your own holiday with your dog today is quite easy and I have to say that taking my puppy with me is the most beautiful thing in the world, but the rules are not always specified for each state and it is good to organize in time without taking anything for granted.

It is very important to know the rules to follow in the country we want to visit and to contact the structure where we will stay to understand any restrictions.

If you want to travel in Europe by car or by plane, you must have your own chip and passport issued by the Veterinary Asl.

For more information please visit the website of the Ministry of Health where you can find all the indications because here I would like to explain some small rules for travelling with your 4-legged friend.

Taking your Dog on an Airplane

If you want to travel by plane with your dog, you must distinguish between small dogs (under 10 kg) and large dogs (over 10 kg), as only small dogs can travel with you in the cabin, so you will have to ask your companion if the hold is pressurised so that your animal can travel safely.

Dog in plane

You must choose to travel only with airline companions who accept dogs in the hold on this website you will find the most important airline companions: Travelling by plane with your dog: pet friendly companiesViaggiare in aereo col cane: compagnie pet friendly

To book your 4-legged friend’s plane ticket you can’t do it online, choose the flight found your offer online the best thing to do is to call the chosen airline make sure there is room for animals on the chosen flight.

Once this is done, book your flight online and as soon as you have obtained the booking number, call the airline company immediately and book a seat for your dog. The price varies between 40 euros and 200 euros depending on the route you need to take.

Holidays with the dog United States

If you decide to go on holiday with your dog in the United States only Frontier company allows you to book your dog ticket online, for the other companions you have to call the Italian call centre of the reference airline. Unlike in Italy, which require immediate payment by credit card at the time of booking, abroad payment is made at the time of check-in.

Travelling with the Dog: Vaccinations Necessary

Before leaving, always find out about veterinary health regulations and any vaccinations required in the country of destination to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Travelling with your dog in Italy, vaccinations required

As with every trip with Nikita, I always check her health before leaving with a visit to the vet. Make sure your 4-legged friend is in good health with vaccinations as this is the only way to keep him safe from major infectious diseases.

It is very important to bring the health booklet with you, it is filled in by your vet and in case of travel abroad, it must be replaced by the EU passport, issued by the veterinary services of the ASL.

In addition to the compulsory vaccinations, it is important to protect your dog from external parasite infestations (fleas, ticks, mites, etc.) and internal ones (round worms, flatworms, etc.).

In some regions, such as Sardinia, echinococcus, a particular type of tapeworm, is widespread. The dog can be infested by eating raw or undercooked meat and in turn become a dangerous carrier of parasites for humans.

Throughout the Mediterranean, the main danger is represented by pappatacio (phlebotome), which can transmit leishmaniasis.

Pappatacio: There are commercially available sprays, drops and pesticide collars that act as repellents for pappatacio.

In Northern Italy or in damp and flat areas such as the Po Valley, dogs must be protected from cardiopulmonary filariasis, a widespread and dangerous disease.

Filariasis: It can be prevented by administering specific tablets.

Vaccination against rabies remains a precaution against a disease that can also be transmitted to humans. Today the risk of infection is very low, but in recent years, the disease has reappeared in northern Italy. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has issued an ordinance that makes it compulsory to vaccinate dogs, cats and cats that are found or are brought to Friuli Venezia Giulia, in some areas of Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige.

Rabies: The animal must be vaccinated at least 21 days before and no later than 11 months after entering these areas.

Another disease from which to defend our animals is leptospirosis, which affects dogs and cats of all ages and even humans. It is transmitted through the ingestion of water or food contaminated by the urine of rats carrying the disease, as well as through contact with small wounds that our best four-legged friends can procure.

Leptospirosis: My vet recommends vaccination, which should be repeated every 6 months in animals at increased risk of exposure.

Holidays in Europe with the dog

Per poter portare con voi il vostro animale domestico all’interno dell’Unione Europea, dal 1° ottobre 2004 è necessario il passaporto europeo per cani e gatti.

The European pet passport

A passport similar to ours, but with a cobalt blue cover, with the emblem of Europe in the centre, the crown with the golden stars.

Passport for the dog

Equipped with this identity document, our friends will no longer have any problem moving around with their owners; they will be able to spend their holidays abroad and will not need to be accommodated in specialised guesthouses or at friends and relatives’.

Rabies prophylaxis is the only compulsory prophylaxis to cross the border.

The passport contains, in English and in the national language, all the personal and above all health information of your animal: identity of the dog, microchip or tattoo number (the latter is allowed until 2011), date of vaccination against rabies and the date by which the next booster must be carried out, any other vaccination.

Through the passport, the health authorities will be able to know what is necessary for the animal, with the certainty that the compulsory prophylaxis has been carried out.

Please note that the ASL will only issue the passport 21 days after the rabies vaccination has been carried out.

If your animal is less than three months old it will have a bit more problems because certain countries do not allow access to puppies that do not have all the rabies vaccinations in place! In this case you will have to contact the consulate of the country where you wish to go and understand the rules.

It should also be remembered that some EU countries apply stricter rules for the introduction of dogs and cats into their territory.

Travelling with your dog in Britain

For the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland and Malta, there is still a total ban on the introduction of dogs under 3 months of age.

For Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Malta, in addition to the European passport and microchip, they will also have to undergo a rabies antibody test for the rabies virus at least 6 months before moving to the UK, Ireland, Malta, and 120 days after vaccination for introduction into Sweden.

In addition, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom require preventive treatment for echinococcus and also treatment against ticks.

Your vet must enter the treatments carried out against ticks and echinococcus in your passport in accordance with the procedures identified by the respective national regulations of the countries of destination.

Travelling with your dog outside Europe

For those who want to travel to Andorra, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Vatican City, the same provisions that regulate the entry of animals from EU member countries apply.

If you want to plan a trip outside Europe, it is advisable to contact the embassy of the desired country in Italy or directly the tourist office of the destination country, in order to receive precise information.

In viaggio col cane negli Stati Uniti

For the United States and Canada, the “International Certificate of Origin and Health” is required, which is generally issued by an officially authorised veterinarian or the relevant ASL. The certificate is valid for 30 days, but there may be exceptions (for example in Brazil it is only valid for 5 days).

Remember that in some countries the laws are very strict and require the dog to be quarantined in a health facility and then separated from its owner even for long periods.

Holidays with the dog: Where to go

In all my travels I have found some very pet friendly states and some absolutely not. In Europe I found myself very badly in Germany where dogs are practically nowhere to enter even if they are 2 kg Chiuhuhua like Nikita.

Dogs are adored in Switzerland and can enter practically anywhere.

In America they are not very used to the fact that we take our four-legged friend everywhere, dogs are allowed in all hotels but not in restaurant chains like Ihope, Denny’s and many others.

I’ve always used a little trick, keeping my little Nikita in the carrier for lunch or dinner.

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