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Born 3 years ago this Travelblog wants to tell the travel experiences of Paolo and Alberto, two web professionals for work and travelers for passion. Together with them a group of trusted friends that we managed to turn into trendy Italian Travelbloggers.

Come organizzare un viaggio la mia guida definitiva
travel tips
Paolo Salvetti

How to Plan a Trip: My Definitive Guide

Organising a trip is not always an easy thing to do, but with method and a little experience it is something everyone can do.Hello, fellow travellers! I am Paolo and I am ready to share with you some of my

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Noleggiare una macchina
travel tips
Paolo Salvetti

rent a car
Tricks and recommendations

Hiring a car for a trip sounds like a very simple thing to do, but people often tend to underestimate aspects that are actually fundamental and can lead to negative and unexpected surprises. Car rental, a world to discover to

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Bar Harbor maine
Marianna Bendanti

Bar Harbor, a jewel in Maine

Bar Harbor was a real surprise on my trip to Maine that I want to share with you all. A picturesque coastal town in the heart of Maine, this charming retreat is a hidden treasure, offering the perfect mix of

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Travel Blog

Our idea of Travel Blog is to represent our experiences so that our readers can find interesting ideas for their travels and face them without surprises. Many are our business trips, but we like to tell our experiences and share them.
To do this function in the best possible way, we decided to use a group of friends who could give their personal vision of the journey. Each of them has different characteristics and habits in facing the trip.
Discover our travelers: we therefore have the mother who travels with the children. the solitary traveller who also faces the journey from Backpacker, the lover of the mountains and adventure, the couple travellers and those who travel to discover the curiosities of the world.
Everything lived and everything real. Every single experience is personally tested.
In doing so, has become one of the most popular Travel Blogs in the Italian Travel Blog scene.