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Born 3 years ago this Travelblog wants to tell the travel experiences of Paolo and Alberto, two web professionals for work and travelers for passion. Together with them a group of trusted friends that we managed to turn into trendy Italian Travelbloggers.

Turismo Maine Porland
Marianna Bendanti

Maine USA, discovering the Pine Tree State

One of the ‘pearls’ of the north-eastern United States is the State of Maine, which borders Canada to the east and north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and New Hampshire to the west. It is the largest of the

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saline di Trapani
Province of Trapani

The salt pans of Trapani, everything you need to know

When we speak of salt pans, we are referring to facilities used for the <strong>production of sea salt</strong> from seawater through a process of concentration and subsequent natural evaporation of the water. Salt pans are nothing more than tanks in

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lago di Costanza Foto di Lars Nissen da
Roberta Capanni

Switzerland and its lakes

Switzerland is very, very beautiful. It has no access to the sea but does not miss it because it has wonderful lakes of all shapes and sizes. We have told you about the glaciers for the summer but in autumn

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oman Mucsat Foto di makalu da
Alberto Macaluso

November holidays to book now

November holidays to book now? If you are here those people who need to plan out of character or necessity, it is good to get organised for November travel. Booking earlier also has the advantage of savings and now is

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Ragusa . Duomo di San Giorgio Foto di R. Capanni
Roberta Capanni

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. Those who read me know that for me this region is among the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful in Italy. I am not Sicilian but Tuscan and

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Pienza Panorama
Val d’Orcia
Alberto Macaluso

Pienza, cosa vedere nella “città ideale”

Visitare Pienza è un’esperienza da fare con calma. Anche se piccola questo gioiello della Val d’Orcia va “gustato” lentamente come ogni luogo dove la storia ha lasciato il suo segno. Pienza, la “città ideale” voluta da Enea Piccolomini futuro papa

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Val d’Orcia
Gabriele Bonuccelli

The castle of Monteriggioni

If you are in Tuscany, in the surroundings of Siena, a stop that is definitely worthwhile is the Castle of Monteriggioni. Nestled in the tranquillity of the Sienese hills, Monteriggioni is one of Tuscany’s main villages and attracts droves of

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Travel Blog

Our idea of Travel Blog is to represent our experiences so that our readers can find interesting ideas for their travels and face them without surprises. Many are our business trips, but we like to tell our experiences and share them.
To do this function in the best possible way, we decided to use a group of friends who could give their personal vision of the journey. Each of them has different characteristics and habits in facing the trip.
Discover our travelers: we therefore have the mother who travels with the children. the solitary traveller who also faces the journey from Backpacker, the lover of the mountains and adventure, the couple travellers and those who travel to discover the curiosities of the world.
Everything lived and everything real. Every single experience is personally tested.
In doing so, has become one of the most popular Travel Blogs in the Italian Travel Blog scene.