Trip to Iceland. Discovering the Icelandic fjords

During my trip to Iceland, I could not miss a tour to visit the fjords and coves that characterize the island. An incredible emotion given by the natural spectacles that I found myself in front of.

After visiting Reykjavik and the Golden Circle of Iceland, and discovering All the Wonders of North Iceland, we set off on a tour of the Icelandic fjords and discovering the natural beauty of this cold, mostly uninhabited but fantastic land.

The fjords of the East

The east coast of the island offers no particular sites to visit but a succession of fjords one more beautiful than the other. To go down to the south, besides the main road, which remains the most comfortable and fastest solution, it is possible to visit all of them following a road that follows the inlets along the coast and it is of course the one we have chosen.

Fiordo Islanda 2

The result was a succession of spectacular landscapes where rocks and stacks met the sea and the bright green vegetation and Icelandic moss coloured the black earth here and there. The variety of seabirds seen is enormous, but on all those that impressed me the most were undoubtedly the puffins, visible in many parts of the island during the summer months when they come to nest.

Stokksnes Islanda

On our way to Iceland, just before we reach Hofn, our destination for the night, we stop at a place recommended by the guys we picked up the day before: the headland of Stokksnes. As a demonstration of how good deeds pay off for us, we had the chance to see, in my opinion, the most beautiful black sand beach of the whole trip which, without that fortuitous encounter, we certainly would not have visited because outside our plans.

The frozen lagoon

Not far from Hofn there is another of the wonders offered by the island, also present in my very personal list of things to see (I’ve lost count, but I’m afraid this podium is starting to get a little too crowded): the Jökulsárlón lagoon. This huge glacier that was born in the heart of Iceland arrives here, with one of its many “tongues”, to touch the sea.

The resulting lagoon is something surreal, where the blocks of ice that break away from the glacier remain floating creating many small icebergs among which you can book a boat trip in the company of the nice seals that live in those icy waters.

Make sure you have enough memory in your cameras and mobile phones, because I’ve lost count of how many pictures I was able to take here before I left! But the day is still long and I still have to see another one of the postcards that will always remain in my heart.

Skaftafell National Park

Inside the Skaftafell National Park, almost an hour’s walk from the visitor centre where we have to leave the car, we arrive at what for me is the most beautiful waterfall in all of Iceland and perhaps not only.

Svartifoss waterfall - Iceland
Svartifoss waterfall – Iceland

Although small and much less powerful than the other views so far, the Svartifoss waterfall is characterised by a basalt wall with formations called organ pipes that make it unique.

Iceland Falls

We arrived at our last day and when we woke up in Vik’s guest house, transformed into a junk museum by his mistress, we were greeted by what she calls the third sunny day of the whole summer in what is the rainiest area on the island.

Skogafoss - Iceland

We take advantage of this and immediately visit the promontory of Dyrhólaey from where you can see the beach of Reynisfjara also famous for its black sand.

Seljalandsfoss - Iceland

The destination of this sad last day is the city of Keflavik, where the Reykjavik airport is located and from which we will leave early tomorrow. Along the way we stop to visit the last two of the many waterfalls that this holiday has given us: the first, Skógafoss, welcomes us with a double rainbow which, given the rare sunny days around here, I imagine can be a pleasant event for the Icelanders themselves.

The second one, Seljalandsfoss, allows us to pass underneath it thanks to the natural cave behind it. But it also allows us to take a good shower, thanks to the gusts of wind that carry the water splashing around when you least expect it!

After visiting Reykjavik and taking a complete tour of the island, this is the end of our seven-day adventure to discover its natural wonders. We return home poorer and poorer, but with the joy of having seen places of unique beauty that we will always carry with us in our memory.

Viaggio in Islanda alla scoperta dei fiordi islandesi
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