Algarve in Spring: here’s where to go and what to do

Visit the Algarve coast in spring is the best way since the region located in the south of the Portugal is also the hottest point on the European mainland already in January. In fact, while in the north in March, winter still has no intention of making way to his successor, springtime in the Algarve is present in all its typical aspects.

After the almond trees have blossomed with their delicate white flowers, the trees one after the other follow the same steps giving rise to an explosion of colours and scents, while the orange trees seduce the passerby with their aroma intoxicating. At this point, there is no longer any doubt: it’s spring in the Algarve!

Spring in the Algarve, the most beautiful season

Spring is without a doubt the best season to visit the south of Portugal. The sun can shine avidly, but the temperatures are still pleasant and allow hiking or biking so like going to the beach. It is also important to stress that tourism in the low season phase, so rental prices are low!

Our advice is to get there by plane and then opt for a car rental service at Faro airport, one of the main cities in the region. Ready and away and you can admire the beauty of the area.

The historic cities of Lagos, Faro, Albufeira and Portimão are definitely worth a visit on a tour of the Algarve. During spring, the temperature is around 20-25° C and although there may still be some rain, the climate is ideal for walking or hiking.

The steep cliffs of the Algarve
Algarve in Spring: here's where to go and what to do 3

The main places to visit in the Algarve

The Algarve is the southern region of Portugal that has its centre administrative in Faro, where you find both the international airport (as previously written) and a of the nation’s best-known universities. the Algarve is divided into sixteen communes. which from the west are:

  • Lighthouse,
  • Aljezur,
  • Vila do Bispo,
  • Lakes,
  • Portimão,
  • Lagoon,
  • Monchic,
  • Silves,
  • Albufeira,
  • Loulé,
  • São Brás de Alportel,
  • Olhão,
  • Tavira,
  • Vila Real de Santo António,
  • Castro Marim,
  • Alcoutim.

The main question many visitors ask themselves is how to discover the beauty of the Algarve in spring and where to go. The answer in this sense is not difficult to provide; in fact, for those who love hiking Lagos is ideal because it represents the wildest and most beautiful side of the region and which turns out to be a land of orange groves, abandoned beaches of golden sand and a sense of research of history. Lagos, by the way, is well positioned to explore it both to the west along the coasts of the natural park and among the rugged hills of the little known interiors, a timeless area that offers great excursions. In spring, these landscapes are even more captivating thanks to the surprising variety of wild flowers that bloom there. There are also many hiking trails that will show a wide selection of the typical flora of the Algarve throughout its splendour.

The pretty centre of Faro

To the south of Faro lies the small old town known as Cidade Velha, with its Moorish walls. and medieval streets that embrace an oval of cobbled streets. Just outside from the pedestrian area, which is also the main shopping area of Faro, there is a are numerous and elegant Pousadas or ancient neo-Rococo palaces with chandeliers, mirrors, imposing stucco and formal gardens as well as beautiful swimming pools all at very reasonable prices. attractive.

Faro - Algarve , Portugal
Lighthouse, the gateway to the Algarve

Visitors to Faro should therefore start with a tour of the old town, which also offers the Cathedral of Santa Maria from which you can visit can head towards Porta Arco da Vila of the nineteenth century, a large structure with a bell tower adorned by storks’ nests.

Walking along the Rua do The Town Hall is located in the elegant 18th century Episcopal palace which leads to the former port area and along the Rua Nova do Castelo, where you can see the remaining part of the structure of Faro which in the 19th century became a renowned distillery.

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