Borgo San Giuliano, the colours of Rimini in every season

In my last trip to Romagna we went to Borgo San Giuliano to discover that Rimini is not only summer, beach and fun. Rimini is not only Roman history and archaeology. At the edge of the Tiberius Bridge, north of the river Marecchia, we find the heart of the city coloured in every season.

I discovered this corner during one of my recent visits to the city of Romagna. The Borgo has a history linked to maritime life, fishermen and sailors, from which it was founded around the year 1000 together with a group of craftsmen. The oldest part of Borgo San Giuliano, dating back to the 9th century AD, is represented by the Church of San Giuliano Martire. Later walls were erected and an entrance gate whose remains are still visible. In spite of time and changes, the popular soul of the district has remained intact.

Borgo San Giuliano centre
Borgo San Giuliano centre

The village unravels in an evocative network of narrow streets, small squares that alternate with historical inns and small characteristic houses. The houses are in fact at most two floors high, painted in pastel colours, the shutters of the wooden windows.

The history of the Borgo is also a history of active resistance: at risk of being dismantled to make room for a residential complex, since 1979 it has embarked on a daring and satisfying path of revival, proposing parties under the banner of music and cuisine, two cornerstones of Romagna’s most genuine tradition and culture.

Fellini and Borgo San Giuliano

And in all this, how could he be missing, the visionary who has made our cinema magical all over the world, often bringing his Rimini and love for her to the screens?

Borgo San Giuliano Fellini
Borgo San Giuliano Fellini

Federico Fellini is also present in Borgo San Giuliano, a place he adored and whose suggestions are present in numerous films. Clearly, cinephile as I am, this is the aspect that most seduced me.

Among wonderful little houses, well-kept streets, the scent of wine and homemade pasta, stand murals inspired by Fellini’s films and characters. The murals are evocative, made with care and creativity. All in all, they are certainly one of the elements that make this corner of Rimini unique. Since 1994, the year of Fellini’s death, the Festa del Borg (in Romagna) has been dedicated entirely to the Oscar-winning filmmaker.

For travellers who love cinema and photography, a visit to the Borgo is an important opportunity to discover and immortalise evocative views.

Here you can enjoy an unusual Rimini where slowness, taste and art get the better of the frenetic life of fun. The Borgo organises numerous events and shows, which can be found on the official website.sito ufficiale.

Where to eat in Borgo San Giuliano

In my stay in Borgo San Giuliano I ate at the Piadinera “Nud e Crud”, then to taste the real Romagna cuisine at the restaurant-pizzeria “Osteria de Borg”. Our aperitif a: PeacockPeacock

If you are looking for takeaway food we recommend Borgo Fritto In our stay we slept at La Dimora del PatacaLa Dimora del Pataca

Borgo San Giuliano i colori di Rimini in ogni stagione
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