Traveling in Europe
Europe is the closest continent to us and each of its places can be reached in about 2 hours by flight from Italy.
We are almost all from Tuscany and we are fortunate to have Pisa airport near us, which is one of Italy's main air hubs for Ryanair. From Pisa airport you can reach almost all European capitals with ease.
Tour in Europe
Choose one of the trips to the old continent made by our travellers or take inspiration from our tours for your next trip.
Take advantage of our suggestions for a safe trip without surprises, tricks and tips ranging from the necessary documents to travel in Europe to where to sleep in the various European countries we have visited.

The destinations you will find in our stories have been personally visited by the members of who provide you with all their experience.

Bruges cosa vedere

Bruges what to see, 10 things not to miss

On our tour of Belgium at the end of June, we decided to see Bruges and use it as a stopover point for three days. ...

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla is one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. Those who read me know that for me this region is among the most ...
Pienza Panorama

Pienza, cosa vedere nella “città ideale”

Visitare Pienza è un’esperienza da fare con calma. Anche se piccola questo gioiello della Val d’Orcia va “gustato” lentamente come ogni luogo dove la storia ...

The castle of Monteriggioni

If you are in Tuscany, in the surroundings of Siena, a stop that is definitely worthwhile is the Castle of Monteriggioni. Nestled in the tranquillity ...

Capraia Small pearl in the Tuscan archipelago

I didn’t have much information about Capraia and when I decided to visit the island and the first thing I did was to get as ...

Pieve di Corsignano jewel in Val d’Orcia

  The Pieve di Corsignano has something magical about it. Being one of the most important stages that we can find along the Via Francigena, ...
Marina di Campo Isola d'Elba

Marina di Campo Elba island

Marina di Campo is certainly an unmissable destination for every itinerary on the Island of Elba worthy of the name. Although the beach is not ...
isola d'elba cosa vedere fortezza medicea

Island of Elba What to see

Many people ask themselves when going to the Isle of Elba what to see and as I have had the opportunity to say in my ...
dovevado home photo

Tour e destinazioni in Europa

Uno spazio predominante per la visita del nostro “Bel Paese” ma potrete scoprire la nostra passione per i paesi Europei visitati dai noi e dai nostri amici con i metodi più diversi: dal trekking fino agli viaggi di lusso.
Dalla visita delle capitali Europee come Londra e Parigi, fino agli angoli più romantici del vecchio continente come il tour della Lavanda in Provenza o quello alla scoperta dei Tulipani in Olanda