The castle of Monteriggioni

If you are in Tuscany, in the surroundings of Siena, a stop that is definitely worthwhile is the Castle of Monteriggioni. Nestled in the tranquillity of the Sienese hills, Monteriggioni is one of Tuscany’s main villages and attracts droves of visitors from all over Europe every year for its historical tradition and bucolic views.

Monteriggioni where it is located

Monteriggioni is located on the border between Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia. It represented the Sienese garrison of the Via Francigena. A very rare example that has survived intact with its walls made up of 14 towers.

The fortress of Monteriggioni stands on a small rise from which it dominates the surrounding plains.
It was built by the Sienese between 1214 and 1219 and is the first example of the expansionist policy of the Republic of Siena, thus at the centre of the clash with Florence, which tried to take possession of it on several occasions.
In 1269 the battle of Colle also described by Dante in his Purgatory

Visiting Monteriggioni – How to get there

This ancient fortified medieval village, crossed by the Via Francigena, can be reached by car via the Firenze-Siena motorway link road, exit Monteriggioni.

From the exit you can already see the castle with its towers, situated on the top of a hill and only a few hundred metres from the junction.
Once off the highway and past the town of Monteriggioni, the village is only a few hundred metres away. In fact, shortly afterwards you will find a fork in the road on the left with a sign to the Castle.

Monteriggioni Square
Monteriggioni Square

The junction is easily recognizable as it is located next to a large building, the middle schools.

Monteriggioni: Where to park

Parking spaces in the castle area are available for a fee. After taking the road indicated by the sign, you will find a large car park on the right. Although this does not happen often, if the first car park is full, you will find a second one. Don’t worry if the road sign says “street without background”, a little further on you will find the car park next to the Castle. The cost of parking is €3 per hour (it is charged from 8 am to 8 pm), so if you are going to spend the afternoon here, have some coins!

Monteriggioni: Historical centre – Piazza Roma

The city is accessible from two sides through the “Porta Fiorentina” facing north and the “Porta Franca or Romea” facing south. Once you have parked your car, you will find the main entrance: the majestic Porta Franca.

Monteriggioni Piazza Roma
Monteriggioni Piazza Roma

Crossed the threshold, after a few steps you will find yourself in the middle of the main square of the village, Piazza Roma, where on your right you can admire the church of S. Maria Assunta and, near it, gardens and vegetable gardens. In this large square you will also find trattorias and taverns where you can eat. From this main square there are some alleys where it is worth getting lost for a few dozen minutes! There is also a small green area where you can sit on the benches and rest for a while.

Castle village Monteriggioni
Borgo Castello Monteriggioni – Photo credit: Ray in Manila on / CC BY

The walkway on the Walls of Monteriggioni

The castle is surrounded by a long walkway (for a fee) from which you can admire a magnificent and suggestive view. I highly recommend a walk on the walkway in the late afternoon as you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the Sienese hills.

Monteriggioni Walls
Mura di Monteriggioni – Photo credit: Paolo Sammicheli on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

The crown of Italy

The walls of the fortress of Monteriggioni with its walls rhythmically interspersed with watchtowers, are the representation of the Crown on the statue of turreted Italy.

 Turreted Italy
Turreted Italy

Medieval Festival Monteriggioni: “Monteriggioni di torri si corona” (Monteriggioni of towers crowns itself)

The village always makes itself desirable in every season of the year, but there is a particular month in which it is absolutely worth visiting the Castle: July! The first two weekends of July the castle takes on a completely different aspect.

In fact, the medieval festival will take you back in time with its dances, shows, Dante’s monologues, old inns and many craftsmen’s stalls selling all kinds of objects: leather, wood, iron, etc. In addition, you will be able to see many people dressed in period costumes while they are striking iron, doing other crafts or simply strolling through the lanes.

Enjoy the climate of the Middle Ages

In addition to handicraft stands, there are also refreshment stands where you can eat and sip a good glass of wine.
Another aspect that will take you further into the medieval period is the currency exchange, which you will find at the entrance to the village: they exchange euros for ‘grossi’, reproductions of ancient local coins, which you will use to pay for whatever you wish to buy inside the castle.

Medieval Festival Monteriggioni
Festa medievale Monteriggioni – Photo credit: Visit Tuscany on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

To close the party there is a great fireworks display visible from Piazza Roma. The only flaw is the entrance fee, not exactly cheap, which is around €20 per person; despite this, it is absolutely worth it!

Monteriggioni castle
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