Marina di Campo Elba island

Marina di Campo is certainly an unmissable destination for every itinerary on the Island of Elba worthy of the name. Although the beach is not the most unforgettable on the island, as could be Capo Bianco or Cavoli, Marina di Campo offers tourists many other alternatives that make it the perfect polar star of a holiday on the Island of Elba!

Marina di Campo
Marina di Campo Isola d’Elba
Marina di Campo beach
Marina di Campo beach

Marina di Campo where is

This small village overlooking the sea is located on the south side of the island and can be reached in about half an hour from Portoferraio. From the port of Rio Marina, on the other hand, the route is longer and takes about an hour (the road is also much steeper).

Marina di campo dove si trova
Marina di Campo where is

Transport Elba Island – how to avoid not finding parking.

The island of Elba has been very busy in recent years and in the central months of the summer it is a real problem to find parking for your car when going around the beaches. An excellent alternative especially when you are in certain locations is the Pullman.

By bus on the Elba island

One of the many advantages of Marina di Campo is the bus network because it is one of the few centres on the island and is very well served.
If you stay here, in one of the hotels it is possible to make the whole holiday without needing a car, and this can certainly not be said of other places in Elba.

The only recommendation I would feel like making is to be careful with the timetable because once I happened to miss my return bus (after a day in Cavoli) and I had to wait an hour to get back because the trips are not very frequent.
Getting around the island by bus is definitely the best thing to do because the worst part of beach holidays, you know, is finding parking.

Marina di Campo Isola dElba
Marina di Campo Elba island 11

If you can find a flat at a price that satisfies you in this pretty little village by the sea, you can easily enjoy your holiday by leaving your car at home.

BeachMarina di Campo

The beach of Marina di Campo is probably the longest on the island, with a dozen or so bathing establishments alternating with spaces left for the free beach. Among the advantages are the possibility of arriving late in the morning, because the parking is very large with free parking spaces available, and the fact that the beach is very close to the centre, so there are amenities such as restaurants and shops that are not discounted in other parts of the island.

The beach of Marina di Campo is a sandy beach and the water is not the best on the island: I could say that it is very similar to the coast that you could find on the Tuscan coast, like in Viareggio or Lido di Camaiore. The water is usually quite transparent but, since the beach is very long, it fills up with bathers who move the sandy bottom.

The beach is ideal for classic games such as ball, rackets or bowls, less advisable for snorkelers.

Marina di Campo Aquarium

What to do in Marina di campo when it rains? Due to the physical principle that luck is blindfolded but misfortune sees us well, it can happen that one or more days of your holiday are bothered by rain or strong wind.

m. di Campo di sera
M. di Campo in the evening – Photo credit: boscho87 on / CC BY

In these cases, an alternative to the sea could be to visit the aquarium of the Island of Elba in Marina di Campo, considered one of the best in the Mediterranean.

Aquarium Elba Island

The aquarium can be reached on foot with a 2 km walk (if the weather is not too bad) from the centre of the village, following the numerous signs in the direction of Lacona – Porto Azzurro. Personally, I had a lot of fun at the aquarium especially because my friends and I took a lot of pictures of the moray eels and we discovered that they seemed to smile every time!

Aquarium Elba Island
Aquarium Elba Island
Murena acquario isola delba
Murena acquario isola d’Elba

Marina di Campo: Capo Poro and via Bellavista

Are you tired of the beach and want to try something different? Capo Poro is exactly for you!

The Lighthouse of Capo Poro Island of Elba
The Lighthouse of Capo Poro Island of Elba

I discovered this route by chance: my friends and I were looking for the ghostly beach of Capo Poro, so we put the destination in the navigator and started this route on foot, taking via Bellavista from the town centre. I’ll say that we weren’t expecting to make a route in the hills, so we had sandals or flip-flops and bags for the beach. After a long walk in a path a bit uphill we realized we had done something wrong, because we found ourselves on top of a hill and there was not even shade on the beach.

Capo Poro Marina di Campo
Capo Poro

On the other hand, we found ourselves welcomed by this sign that instructed us on the defence battery at Capo Poro and a lighthouse where, to console us of the debacle, we took a few photos before returning home!

Marina di campo
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