Holidays by the sea? Discover the beauty of Torre dell’Orso in Salento

An unmissable experience that everyone should try in life is the holiday in Salento (yes, maybe I exaggerated). In recent years, it has become a land loved by many tourists who are looking for sun, sea, relaxation and fun. A destination suitable for families and groups of friends, in short it is for everyone. There are many breathtaking landscapes to visit and see.

The Salento Framed between two seas: the Adriatic and the Ionian, the Salento, in Puglia, offers the possibility to choose every day, where to move, where to spend your day at sea. It gives the opportunity to get excited in front of a magnificent sunrise, along the Adriatic coast. The Ionian Sea, instead, is more suitable for the typical plays of light and colour characteristic of sunset, that romantic moment when the sun gently touches the sea, to be welcomed. The soul of the Salento territory is strongly rural. The influences of the various peoples who have inhabited the Salento peninsula are clearly visible in the culinary tradition. Normans and Byzantines brought almonds, honey and cinnamon: ingredients that can be perceived in sweets. Peaches, rustic and friselle enrich the Salento cuisine. But not only. The undisputed protagonist is the pasticciotto.

Precisely for these reasons, Salento is a coveted destination for holidaymakers from all over the world. There are many tourists who choose to stay in Puglia, opting for B&B, Holiday Homes, Hotels or Tourist Villages in Salento.

Bear Tower

The tourist resort of Torre dell’Orso is part of the so-called Marinas of Melendugno, that is five marinas overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The beaches of Melendugno have been awarded the title of Blue Flag for the sustainable management of the territory, the quality of bathing water and the various services offered. Torre dell’Orso is a very popular place during the summer period. Its beach has a particular shape, almost like a crescent through which you can see the “Two Sisters”.

The legend of the Two Sisters

It is the name that a legend attributes to two famous white stacks. It is said that two sisters, who lived in the Salento area, were great workers, so much so that they had no free time to look at the sea. One day, however, they decided and headed towards the sea. They walked for a long time, until they reached the locality of Torre dell’Orso.

They were so fascinated by the splendour of the sea that they threw themselves from the top of a cliff. The Gods, having considered their life dedicated only to work, decided to transform them into the present stacks. In this way, their memory will not be lost.

The Cave of San Cristoforo

In the caves, along the coastline, there are graffiti in Latin and Greek which testify to their presence in antiquity and, above all, to the trade and faith expressed by travellers. The most famous one takes the name of Grotta di San Cristoforo, built a few centuries before the coming of Christ. It is a very important site, on a cultural level, because besides inscriptions linked to the faith of sailors, there is a prayer.

Many fishermen and traders used to rely on religion so that their journey was not turbulent. There is also a reference to the prayer present here: it is attributed to a certain Hispanius Felicior.

The Beaches of Torre dell’Orso

Torre dell’Orso is the ideal destination for families and groups of friends. It, in fact, offers an exceptional panorama, lidos very well equipped to meet any kind of need, play areas for children. Nearby, then, there are various nightclubs frequented by children in search of fun. Some coves by the sea are also accessible in the evening, so as to offer suggestive locations to groups of friends who want to spend their evenings sipping cocktails and dancing.

The surroundings of Torre dell’Orso

The small seaside resort is situated along the Adriatic side and gives tourists the possibility to be a junction point. Its strategic position allows a good base for those who have the soul of the real tourist and decide to move around the area to discover new places. Many tourist villages are located here in order to make your holidays more adventurous.

Among the marinas of Melendugno is the village of Roca Vecchia. It is renamed for the archaeological area: a settlement dating back to the second millennium BC. From a cultural point of view it is very important, as the area tells of its origins. The archaeological site of Roca Vecchia is considered one of the most important of the Mediterranean protohistory.

The results of the surveys continue to give positive results, being able to affirm that there has been a continuous occupation from the end of the 17th century B.C. until the late Republican age.

A destination for tourists from all over the world is the Cave of Poetry. Here it is located and obtained among the karstic rocks of the Salento coast. It is considered a natural swimming pool, among the most beautiful in the world.

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