Mary Poppins musical in Milan. Anything can happen if you believe it

Mary Poppins’ Musical was the icing on the cake of our last trip to Milan. For months we had already scheduled some business appointments in the capital of Lombardy and an important three-day seminar in which Alberto and I had to participate. Due to the length of the stay, Ornella and Valerio also came with us to take advantage of the Inbound Strategies breaks.

My wife, who as soon as she hears about travel, starts compulsively searching for every opportunity on the internet, calls me only after a few hours in the office with an enthusiastic voice saying that she would only come to Milan if we went to see Mary Poppins, the new musical that landed only on February 22nd in Italy.

When I hang up the phone, even though he is a lover of the most famous nanny in the world, I look at Alberto who, without even letting me talk, exclaims: “If you don’t come, I’ll go with her!”
. I was not so convinced, I have a lot of prejudices against Italian musicals and then after driving three hours, after a day of intense work I was sure I could not survive and fall asleep during the show, but the first 5 minutes were enough to make me believe again.

Around Milan
waiting to go to the Theatre

The big city welcomes us hostile with the general strike of the vehicles, and now how do we do it?

Enjoy eni
Fiat 500 Enjoy ENI

After leaving our work commitments in Sesto San Giovanni, the idea was to see the new district of Milan and then in time to take a seat for the show. The big city welcomes us hostile with the general strike of the vehicles, and now how do we do it? Absolutely exclude the idea of taking our car, taxi and Uber about 40 euros for the outward journey, the metro stop. We opt for Enjoy one of the car sharing services available in some Italian cities.
In Milan there are 650 fiat 500 red fiats parked along the city streets that you can simply rent with an app on your mobile phone. Promoted by ENI, they can be easily booked: look for the car on the map, find it, open it with your mobile phone and you’re done. 10 cents per minute! You can enter the ztl, park it wherever you want and after 5 minutes another one has already taken it.

We arrive in the new area developed with Expo near Porta Garibaldi. Milan until then was in my opinion very far from the European metropolis, the only skyscraper was the Pirellone, but now it is different.
The area is now a collection of large buildings including, of extraordinary beauty, the Unicredit skyscraper and the Bosco Verticale; all connected by squares with fountains, sculptures and an auditorium completely built in wood. To understand the area is comparable to a small Canary Warf in London.

Since I was not tired (ironic of course) we walked the road that separated us from Piazza Duomo (about 3 km), enjoying the Milan of Fashion with Corso Como and Via Monte Napoleone; the Milan of Brera Design, until we reached the magnificence of the Duomo and the Galleria.

È giunta così l’ora di avvicinarsi al teatro, mega fila per prendere il taxi, ma arriviamo con un buon anticipo per So it’s time to get closer to the theatre, mega queue to take the taxi, but we arrive well in advance to pick up our tickets. Before entering we could not miss the classic “Milano da Bere” aperitif and then finally at Teatro Nazionale.ritirare i nostri biglietti. Prima di entrare non poteva mancare il classico aperitivo della “Milano da Bere” e poi finalmente al National Theatre.

Mary Poppins, the most beautiful show
I have ever seen

milan national theatre
Mary Poppins at the National Theatre of Milan

No, I’m not writing a paid article. I was so excited that I want to share my experience. I’ve seen a few shows, but this one surpasses all of them, a production that cost a lot of money, but everything can be explained by enjoying it.
The theatre was Sold Out again tonight, the measure of what would have happened can be immediately understood by the fact that the soundtracks are played by a large live orchestra strictly in the hole.

Mary Poppins Manifesto

The musical, originally produced by Disney Theatrical Productions and Cameron Mackintosh, is staged for the first time in Italy in Italian and the theatrical version of Mary Poppins is an adaptation of the wonderful stories of P.L. Travers and Walt Disney’s beloved 1964 film starring Julie Andrews, which won 5 Oscars and will have a sequel at the end of 2018.

The magical story of the most famous nanny in the world is masterfully represented in a show made of incredible special effects and engaging choreographies, but above all unforgettable songs that the whole audience hummed during the show.

The original production of “Mary Poppins” debuted in the West End in London in 2004 and on Broadway in 2006. The show was also staged in Australia and New Zealand and a touring version was shot in the United States and Great Britain. The show has been seen by more than 11 million people.

Mary Poppins is produced by Thomas Schumacher for Disney Theatrical Productions, the Disney division that brought the great classics to the theatre. The Italian production of the show is by WEC, Disney Theatrical Productions and Cameron Mackintosh oversaw every aspect of this Italian version of the musical.

Our position in the theatre was very good, the cost not too cheap, but the marketing men would say: Value for money very good.
I couldn’t find a flaw: music, choreography, lighting effects were spectacular. In other musicals I have come across monstrous drops in actors’ vocal performances, not here! Via dei Ciliegi, 17 and the Banks’ house are very well represented.
Mary Poppins (Giulia Fabbri), Mrs Banks (Alice Mistroni), Miss Andrew (Lucrezia Zoroddu Bianco) had beautiful and powerful voices. Even the little Michael Bank, played by Alessandro Pinto, although with an unformed and sometimes insecure voice, fully represented the age of the character.

Mary Poppins the musical. © Photo: Franco Pinna
© Photo: Franco Pinna

Giulia Fabbri (Mary Poppins) has just the physique du rôle for the part, even in her physique she looks a lot like Julie Andrews and the acting reminds her a lot.

All we did was sing, applaud and be moved for the duration of the show.
For me, who saw the film many times, it was like being a child again. To the notes of a song sung by a chimney sweep or seeing the old lady of the pigeons enter the scene, it was immediate to identify with the characters and relive the scenes of the film in the magic of the stage.

I know a guy with a wooden leg named Smith! …and what’s the name of that other leg?

Uncle Albert

I thought that at this point anything could have happened on that stage, but I had not considered that four people circling in the air is not possible without the invention of antigravity.
So this scene from the film is not in the theatrical adaptation.

Who has never once dreamed of singing “A little sugar” or “Supercalifragilistichespiralidoso” together with Mary Poppins, of walking with her on the rooftops of the city, of seeing her flying high, before our eyes, with her funny little umbrella in her hand?

Final greetings Alberto standing kisses and greetings to the stage in Wanda Osiris style and all visibly moved but with a thirty-two-toothed smile we came out humming!

The question is: Does Mary Poppins fly? I can’t spoil, so you’ll have to go and see
the show!

For more information and to buy your tickets CLICCA QUI

Mary Poppins the Musical

Mary Poppins
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