Things to see in the Leopardian village

In Recanati there are many things to see, but the occasion to visit this wonderful town was the anniversary of L’infinito. On 28 May 2019 it was two hundred years since Giacomo Leopardi composed the world famous idyll. Recanati Leopardi is an indissoluble combination and taking a walk in his hometown in this very special year means rediscovering places and suggestions made immortal by the verses of the eternal poet. Recanati is a small, perfectly preserved village located between the sea and the hills.

Where is Recanati

Recanati is a small, perfectly preserved village in the Marches located between the sea and the hills on top of a hill. Like other villages in the Marche region it is a typical balcony town for the 360° panorama that can be enjoyed from its top.

To reach Recanati by car you have to drive along the Adriatic motorway and exit at Porto Recanati. By train the arrival station is Porto Recanati, while the nearest airport is Ancona.

Recanati, infinity turns 200 years old

This hermitage was always dear to me, And this hedge, which on so many sides Of the last horizon the look excludes. But sitting and aiming, intermingled Spaces beyond that…

Why visit Recanati, city of Leopardi and Infinity, in 2019?

On 28 May 2019, two hundred years have passed since Giacomo Leopardi composed the world-famous idyll. Taking a walk in his native Recanati means rediscovering places and suggestions made immortal by the poet’s timeless verses.

Leopardi Recanati Square
Leopardi Recanati Square

Starting from the Town Hall Square where is dedicated to the poet an imposing statue, you can walk along the streets that lead to the house where Leopardi was born: Via Cavour, Via Calcagni, Via Roma and Via Antici.

Along the route the palaces of the power alternate with historical buildings, side alleys and small squares form a labyrinth of pleasant views. During the itinerary are The Persiani theatre (with its museum dedicated to Beniamino Gigli) and the St. Augustine’s complex. Inside this cloister you can see the Tower of the Lonely Sparrow.

Discover Recanati through the streets of the Borgo

Following this path, on the occasion of the bicentenary, it was possible to rediscover some verses of Leopardi’s poems in the corners and streets that inspired them, such as the verses of “Sabato del Villaggio” (Village Saturday) located in corners of the village that recall the sequences immortalized in the poem.

Many are the verses of infinity proposed again in frames that enclose the mathematical symbol realized in various materials and framed by the verses of the famous poem.

And like the wind Odo stormir among these plants, me that Infinite silence to this voice Compare

Recanati casa Leopardi

Before arriving at the hermitage on the hill which is the protagonist of “L’infinito”, we come across the small square on which Leopardi’s House stands and in front of which the Village Saturday Pitch extends.

Recanati what to see - Casa Leopardi
Things to see – Casa Leopardi

Leopardi’s house houses the rooms of the poet that can be visited, while the Library of Giacomo Leopardi’s father, rich in ancient and very rare texts, provides a visit of its own. Adjacent to the palace are also the historical cellars.

At this point you find yourself at a crossroads: you can choose whether to continue to explore the exterior, including Mount Tabor, the hermitage hill, or to get to know Leopardian life more closely by visiting the poet’s childhood and youth.

Saturday Square of the Village Recanati
Village Saturday Square – Recanati

Within a few meters you can choose different itineraries, customizing the tour according to their own needs, your tastes and time of stay.

Solitary Sparrow Tower Recanati
Solitary Sparrow Tower Recanati

In front of Leopardi’s house, there is the house of Silvia, the poet’s inspirational muse, also visitable.

In the corners of Recanati you can breathe the sweet and melancholic atmosphere of Leopardian poems.

Things to see for the 200 years of L’infinito

For the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of “L’infinito” it was possible to attend the immersive multimedia exhibition “Io nel pensier mi fingo”: the spectator, in a concert of wall screens, finds himself among images, words and sounds retracing the life of the poet and the birth of his poetry “L’infinito”, deeply linked to his native places and at the same time so beautifully beyond the boundaries of geography and time.

Recanati and the 200 years of L’infinito

The multimedia experience is therefore a real journey into Giacomo Leopardi’s physical and mental spaces. This kind of vision is also recommended for children because with an easily accessible language, the evocation of the verses and the surrounding places, manages to convey in an engaging and immediate way the essence of Leopardi’s personality and poetics.

On the occasion of the event on May 28th in the square of Recanati and, in digital mode in all schools that wish, a flash mob has been organized to remember Leopardi’s poetry, infinite in space and time.

So between this Immensity drowns my thoughts: And the shipwreck is sweet to me in this sea.

Mount Tabor Recanati
Mount Tabor – what to see in Recanati

Three reasons to visit Recanati

Three reasons to visit Recanati according to Maddalena Santacroce (from the Marche region, teacher of literature and passionate expert of Leopardian studies)

Maddalena Santacroce
Maddalena Santacroce our “Guide to Recanati”

The infinity that can be admired from Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is the place that inspired Giacomo Leopardi’s The Infinite

The library of Giacomo Leopardi

I must say that the emotion of retracing the rooms of the Library where Giacomo took the first steps of his thought is really evocative and at times touching

Visiting with the school’s children

Almost every year I bring my pupils to these places after having explained Leopardi to them and see them light up in the same way every time for real satisfaction.

Leopardian Studies Centre

 World Poetry Centre

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