What to eat in Scotland – Typical Scottish dishes

On our trip to Scotland one of the concerns of good Italians was what to eat in Scotland and whether Scottish cuisine would live up to our taste buds. Apart from the fact that I like to experience the kitchens of other countries, it only took one day to realise that we would not have any problems and that Scottish cuisine is not at all comparable to that of our English neighbours.

Scotland what to eat

Typical Scottish products are incredible, both when it comes to meat and Scottish Fish.

I must say that I do not shrink from tasting the local cuisine of the countries I visit, but as far as the cuisine of Scotland is concerned, there were no great difficulties in adapting as there are flavours very similar to our cuisine and therefore recognizable to the Italian palate.

Typical Scottish products

Many are the typical Scottish dishes created from as many excellent quality raw materials among which stand out:

Scottish salmon

As far as fish is concerned, the Scottish salmon is worthy of note and is served in many ways. both fresh and smoked Scottish salmon are delicious and delicate.

cosa mangiare in scozia 1
Scottish salmon – What to eat in Scotland

Salmon is one of the most popular fish varieties in Scotland and in the kitchen and its fame is played out with Norwegian salmon.

Oysters and Scallops

I thought you couldn’t compete with oysters and scallops from Brittany. I had made a great discouragement in Cancale, but even those enjoyed in the highlands are no different. On the island of Skye we found a place where she needed them straight away and The Oyster Shed (the oyster hut in name and in fact) was a truly spectacular place to enjoy them.

The Oyster shed ostriche su skye
Eat freshly caught oysters on SKye
what to eat in scotland scallops scampi and salmon
Typical Scottish dishes – Oysters, scallops, salmon and scampi

Angus the meat of the highlands

Scottish meat is one of the most renowned in the world and one of the most sought after by chefs. Angus is one of the qualities I love the most because of its marbling that makes it soft and succulent. The full name is Aberdeen Angus whose name comes from the county of Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland.

Angus – Aberdeen Angus

This meat is also called Black Angus because the Scottish animals from which the meat is made have dark hair, but there is also Red Angus produced by tawny animals. It is a prized beef with very ancient origins, among the most bred in the world.

During our stop in Aberfeldie I took a cut of angus which I still remember months later. Sometimes the Scottish people tend to mix the flavours (a little bit to overdo it in my opinion) as in the steak and oyster pie where you put together angus scozia with oysters.


The typical Scottish dish is haggis, a very particular sausage. It was celebrated as a national dish by the poet Robert Burns and Scottish haggis is (the traditional one at least) the sheep’s stomach filled with the animal’s innards such as heart, lung, liver mixed with onion and oatmeal. I found it served in every place we visited including at breakfast but it is usually served with Rubagata, a kind of turnip and potatoes.

Haggis scotland
Scottish Haggis – Scottish National Dish

It is the closest thing to our Biroldo or black pudding, a sausage I am crazy about, but I am not crazy about this sausage at all. I remember in Viareggio, on the occasion of a cultural exchange the whole ceremony that preceded the dish, 1/2 of poems and poems. My friend John told me: we don’t do so many stories at biroldo, if it has to be preceded by 1/2 hour of praise I’m coming! that they want us to pass it off as a good thing. Indeed!

Le Pies

Very common, as in the whole Anglo-Saxon and Commonwealth world are the Pies or Scotch Pies. Savoury pies filled with ground beef and other ingredients

Scottish breakfast

What to eat in Scotland for breakfast? As for breakfast I consider myself dr Jekyll and mister hide, because at home I only have a coffee, while travelling I can eat what I normally eat all day long. The Scottish breakfast is very similar to the English one with the addition of some typical products like Baps, soft and oval sandwiches, served warm and usually filled with a fried egg and ayrshire bacon. But the most incredible thing I had for breakfast in Scotland was the Eggs Benedict Prepared with a delicious salted waffel with pan-fried spinach, fresh Scottish salmon, poached eggs, all afogato in a sea of Bernese sauce.

Eggs benedict scotch what to eat
Eggs Benedict – Scotland what to eat

Walker shortbread – The sweets of Scotland

I haven’t had much experience with Scottish sweets, but I had the opportunity to buy my favourite biscuits directly from the factory.

Walker shortbread factory shop
Walker shortbread factory shop

Shortbreads are typical products of Scotland and their factory is located in Aberlour in Speyside, right in the kingdom of Wisky. A stop for a taste and a purchase are a must if you are passing by. You can buy them really cheap in the Factory shop and if they are for personal consumption there are large packages without advertising box with which you can increase your blood sugar levels.

What to eat in Scotland – in summary

To conclude, I must say that the food in Scotland has really satisfied me and will be able to satisfy even the most habitual Italian palates.

cosa mangiare in scozia 2
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