Ferry to Sardinia, how to reach the island

On my last trip to Sardinia the first thing I had to consider was how to reach Sardinia by crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea.

There are basically two ways to get to Sardinia: by plane and the ferry and the main evaluation to do on which means to choose, also depends on what kind of holiday you have thought about once on the island, how many days you will stay or even what type of accommodation you have booked.

But above all, how much baggage you have and by what means you are thinking of to move.

If your choice falls on the plane, please note that the two main airports are Cagliari and Olbia and Alghero served very well - based on Pisa – also from Ryanair.

The first problem, however, is the amount of baggage that you bring along and I assure you that in my specific case it is not a problem to little as there are quite restrictive limitations both for baggage in the hold than for the one by hand without spending a fortune.

The second problem to deal with is how to move around once on the Island. If you are going by plane there is the need to rent a car and Overall, the budget for travel is considerably increased.

Going to Sardinia in ship

Having made all the necessary evaluations, we have opted to reach Sardinia by ferry using our car. I also own a scooter, which I used for to go to the Island of Elba, but the duration of the trip and the amount of luggage at the following made it impossible to use it.

We had a beautiful flat in Costa Smeralda between Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo and our idea, since it was the first one for me When I used to go there was to visit the whole area and the combination of Car – Ferry was perfect.

Ferry to Sardinia

The port of reference for reaching the Emerald Coast and the Port of Olbia, which can be reached mainly from Genoa, Livorno and from Naples.

Arriving in Sardinia from north Italy

For the proximity to the area where we live our port of reference for the departure is Livorno where with about 6 hours of travel in ferry you arrive in Sardinia. The trip is very comfortable and allows in addition to the bridge passage to have other formulas such as renting an armchair or if the trip is made during the night hours to book a cabin.

Go to sardinia from Naples

If you live in the south of Italy the port of reference for to reach Sardinia is Naples from which you can reach the port of Cagliari in about 8 hours.

You can book your trip directly on line see the ships from Naples to Sardiniavedi le navi da Napoli per la Sardegna

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