Maddalena beaches: How to choose the best one

Beaches of La Maddalena
Beaches of La Maddalena

On our last trip to Sardinia, and specifically to the north-east, we dedicated a day to visiting La Maddalena. Actually, our intention was to visit part of thearcipelago including the island of Budellibut the sea conditions and the strong mistral wind blowing at 30 knots limited our visit to the main island, the island of Caprera and the small Giardinelli Islandall accessible by car.

The beaches of La Maddalena

The first thing I can say about Isola della Maddalena is forget about driving straight to the beach: at best you will have to walk a few hundred metres. There are an untold number of coves, views and dream beaches, all of which will thrill you with their colours.

In each of the renowned beaches there is also a refreshment point or a small restaurant, but my advice is to stop immediately after landing in the village to buy water and some sandwiches to take with you.

To make sure you are not mistaken the information point can give you further suggestions and provide you with the map of the island, but in essence there is only a very scenic road that goes around the island of Magdalena with a total length of 20 kilometres from which you can reach all the beaches of La Maddalena.

La Maddalena
La Maddalena beaches – island of La Maddalena

Choose the beaches of La Maddalena according to the wind conditions

THearcipelago of the Maddalena or arcipelago delle Maddalene is almost always windswept, and in our case an annoying 30-knot mistral was blowing on the west side of the island, so we only visited the most popular coves on that side, and then left for the Maddalena beaches of Lower Trinità and then Testa di Polpo.

Punta Tegge
Punta Tegge – maddalena beaches

Punta Tegge

Leaving the village in a clockwise direction, there is a single road that runs through the entire island called the Panoramica. After about a kilometre along the road leading to Nido d’Aquila, one arrives at Punta Tegge, which, in addition to the quiet little beach, offers a beautiful granite cliff overlooking the island of Spargi.

After the ritual photos with one hand holding the hat for the strong wind and just enough time to contemplate this magnificence, we left for the next beach.

Punta Tegge
La Maddalena beaches – Punta Tegge ©paolosalvetti

Cala Francese

After passing Nido D’Aquila, you arrive, via a dirt road, at Cala Francese.
The area is very picturesque and is dominated by an old, disused granite quarry. Here too, the strong Mistral did not allow us to stop for a well-deserved swim in the crystal-clear waters, but it is a place I highly recommend.

French cove la maddalena
French Cove La Maddalena Island

Lower Trinity Beach

We set off again and headed for the beach of Lower Trinity, truly a swimming pool! Here we could not resist and after finding a corner sheltered by a large granite rock, we literally camped out to finally spend an hour in the sun.

Lower Trinity La-maddalena Beach
low Trinity La Maddalena

We had to stop our beach towels with big stones to keep them from flying away, but I assure you it was really worth it.

The crystal clear water seemed to call you to swim, even though the sea was a bit rough.

Testa di Polpo

The beach of Testa di Polpo or Capocchia d’ù purpu in Sardinian, is technically not on La Maddalena but on the island of Giardinelli. Connected to the first by a small earthen bridge of about 10 metres.
The road becomes unpaved and, to put it bluntly, rather bumpy. Do not despair and go on for about a kilometre until the road ends in a small car park.
From there take your things and walk for about five minutes up the cliff, I assure you that the spectacle will pay off big time.

Octopus head beach
Octopus head beach ©photo Paolo Salvetti
Octopus head
Octopus head ©photo Paolo Salvetti
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