Malta in Winter, How to best prepare for it

Malta in winter, contrary to what many people think, is a real paradise, the climate is mild and rainfall is very low. In recent years this island has been my second home and I admit that apart from a bit of initial bewilderment, I don’t mind at all now. The thing that friends and girlfriends ask me most often is precisely this fateful question: “But exactly what can you do in Malta in winter?

The answer is actually simple, Malta in the middle of winter is definitely beautiful and very lively, perhaps even more so than in summer.

Malta in winter
typical winter day in malta taken on December 2nd

Yes, to paraphrase Benigni in his famous Johnny Stecchino, the problem in Malta is traffic!

There is also a lot of tourism, but without the excessive numbers of summer. Places and tourist attractions can be visited without having to queue up and the traffic… well, traffic is always omnipresent!

It has to be admitted that in the winter months, however, billions of cars are missing in the warmer season.

Another great reason to go to Malta in winter are the prices. It is not difficult to find many opportunities both for the plane (they leave from the major Italian airports especially with Ryanair) and for accommodation.

You can easily find hundreds of really good offers on Booking, Momondo or Trivago. Personally I managed to sleep in a 4 star hotel with sea view room for just over 40 euros per night per person, breakfast included. Of course you can also easily find much cheaper accommodation, there are many hotels and private facilities on Airbnb.

A little advice: if you decide to go in the “colder” season, take accommodation in a central area and not in those peripheral areas that tend to be more uninhabited, obviously this suggestion should be ignored if you are looking for peace and quiet.

The island of Malta is very crowded in winter both by Italian pensioners and by many young foreigners because it is much cheaper.

As a tourist brochure found at the site states:
“Here are some good reasons to come to Malta: 300 days of sunshine a year, 25 degrees average, good food.”

Malta in October

Malta in October
In October here in Malta you can work in the open air with a light long-sleeved T-shirt.

The first time I went to Malta was past mid-October, and since I was there on business I didn’t have much time to inquire. I only had to stay for 3 days and have several meetings so I researched little and nothing, convinced I couldn’t do much.
I expected to find a semi-deserted island with rolling bushes and little else. Well I was very wrong, October is perhaps the best time to visit Malta! Well yes, I may surprise you, but it is the ideal month. There is still life, it is not deserted at all, hotels are cheap, flights are plentiful (even from the Pisa airport where I usually depart from), but most of all the weather is great.
My partner Paul and I even went swimming, and the water temperature was definitely acceptable even for us “non-northerns.”
Temperatures average 24° during the day and 17° at night, and it is often necessary to keep the windows open at night because of too much heat.
Precipitation is 90mm per (divided into about 10 days) and if you want some dispassionate advice, bring short shorts and a windbreaker because you can find up to 30 degrees during the day but there is often a particularly boring wind.
There are 7 hours of sunshine and the water temperature is about 23 degrees tending to rise in some cases.

Malta in November

The month of November in Malta is still very mild, not like the previous month but still very good. If you’re Nordic you can even take a bath, I personally didn’t dare although I admit that when I put my feet in the water it was still warm enough and didn’t take my breath away, but I wasn’t brave enough to take a bath, something that two young girls clearly Teutonic were doing with joy.

Malta in November
A beautiful sunny day in November in Malta allows you to make wonderful excursions

Average temperatures are 20° during the day and 14° at night, while precipitation is 80mm (divided into about 11 days), and if you stay a week you are not unlikely to find a day or two of bad weather. Actual rain is very difficult except for an hour or so at most, but in any case not unlikely. The wind that often comes in the evening tends to carry away the larger cloudbursts.
The hours of sunshine are 6 and the water temperature is about 21 degrees, in the hottest hours of the day if the sun beats down hard or if the sirocco comes from the Sahara it can increase and even make the experience pleasant.

Malta in December

December in Malta has a truly unique effect. Imagine that you see in front of you Santas, decorated trees and nativity scenes… while you are wearing shorts, if you were smart enough to bring a pair of shorts or buy it locally. Yes, because even in December this island gives us a really enjoyable climate.

Malta in December
Foreigners, probably Nordic, bathing in the middle of December. I wouldn’t have dared so much!

The average temperatures are 17° during the day and 11° at night, while rainfall is 110mm and it is highly recommended to bring a sweatshirt or for the colder ones a spring jacket, especially in the evening. The wind gets a little more insistent and cold but it is always very hot, especially during the day. You can bully your friends who are at home or in the office dying from the cold. The last time I went to Malta in December I left Bologna where it was -5° and we arrived on the island where it was 24°, I’ll let you imagine! :D

The hours of sunshine are only 5 hours and the sea temperature is around 18 degrees, certainly not ideal for swimming, but I can guarantee you that I have always seen foreigners bathing in December!

Malta in January and February

These two months are absolutely the coldest to visit the Maltese archipelago. However, being the European state closest to the equator, it has a few more hours of sunshine than Italy. It is also the month in which tourism is less and obviously the offers are very good! So if you want to take a tour of the island and spend very little, these are the best months.

Malta in January
The Blue Grotto cliff in January – Malta

at some point these famous 65 days of rain will have to be done! :)

Average temperatures are 16° during the day and 9° at night, and it is highly recommended to bring a jacket, particularly for the evening. The cold is never excessive but the wind, yes, that is really a fair pain in the ass. So bring a good windbreaker and don’t forget to dress onion-skinny because it is the month with the greatest temperature range both real and perceived precisely because of pdel wind. Don’t forget your short sleeves, however, because they are often useful here in the daytime.

Instead, in Malta in January and February you will find perhaps the wettest month with about 14 rainy days and average rainfall of 90mm.

There are only 5 hours of sunshine and the sea temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius, certainly not ideal for swimming, but even here, as absurd as it is, I’ve seen someone swimming, crazy people, of course, and Vikings! O__O

What should I bring in my suitcase for a trip to Malta in winter?

As we have already said, the best thing is to dress in onions, i.e. with clothes that can be taken off and worn very quickly and can be layered. Perfect from my point of view sweatshirts with front opening and maybe a hood that can be pulled up when the wind starts blowing.

A K-way or an anorak is another item that should not be missing in your luggage together with a small umbrella or a mackintosh of the foldable kind.

Malta in February
A day of bad weather and strong winds in Malta can still be fascinating.

I recommend comfortable shoes because many of the places on the island are walking routes and a sneaker is always the best choice.

A pashima (or a scarf) is another extremely useful item to put in your luggage to avoid catching cold at the throat, because as I said at the end, the wind is an ugly beast on this island and comes when you least expect it.

One last thing I recommend you put in your backpack is a great desire for adventure; Malta is full of mysteries and very strong dualities.
Have a good trip!

For more information I recommend the official website of the Maltese Tourism Board which helps you find events, museum tickets and more!

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