November holidays to book now

November holidays to book now? If you are here those people who need to plan out of character or necessity, it is good to get organised for November travel. Booking earlier also has the advantage of savings and now is a good time to do it.

This month, in our country, is considered low season but abroad there are perfect temperatures. The choice is yours.

oman Mucsat Foto di makalu da pixaby
oman- Muscat – Photo on makalu da pixaby

Where to go in November in the heat

The November holidays to book now can be abroad or in Italy. If you want to get out of Italy, there are destinations where the temperature is perfect: neither hot nor cold. You could, for example, decide to go to the Mauritius Islands in the Indian Ocean where the minimum temperature is 20 degrees and the maximum 28. Here, nature in this month is unique and there are many things to see such as the Black River Gorge National Park (part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1977).

Mauritius - Photo by M. M. from Pixabay
Mauritius – Photo by M. M. from Pixabay

Another idea might be to head for Cape Verde in Africa where there is a minimum of 23° and a maximum of 28°. The Cape Verde archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean has fantastic locations such as Ilha do Sal and Boa Vista, where tranquillity and beauty go hand in hand.

If you want to have a dream trip, we recommend Oman with temperatures between 21 and 30 degrees. This is the best time to visit this country, to go on a jeep safari in the desert, to see the up to the lush oasis of Wadi Bani Khalid where you can bathe in the natural freshwater pools.

Always popular Red Sea, closer. Marsa Alam, for example, offers a beautiful bay with tropical fish, turtles and even dolphins.

umbria Gubbio Foto di chscalone da Pixabay 1920

November in Italy

Italy is always beautiful. Both in summer and winter. If you still want warm days, Sicily is the best destination. Take the opportunity to see Palermo, Syracuse, Ragusa and every other corner of this spectacular island.

Foto di M. M. da Pixabay

If you want to enjoy the colours of autumn, you will be spoilt for choice. You could choose to visit the most beautiful villages that often offer ‘dreamy’ views during this period. You could dedicate yourself to tours of the wine and oil roads and pursue the many festivals that open from truffles to wild boar.

Beautiful and dreamy at this time of year are the lakes. The only problem in Italy is that many facilities are resting after summer work and waiting for winter work. So the important thing is to book.

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