The ideal beach for children?
It is located in Albinia

The ideal beach for children? It is located in Albinia. A stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea where the coast slopes gently, campsites equipped for every need of families or couples, affordable prices even in the peak season. Plus kitesurfing, windsurfing, sup, diving, breathtaking views and sunsets. We chose this stretch of coastline in the Grosseto province to spend a week’s family vacation.

My and my wife’s work commitments somewhat forced us to choose the second week of June to give ourselves a little relaxing break. Even the location we chose was the result of an agreement to be able to be there, more or less halfway between Rome and Versilia, with my parents and my brother and his family. I remembered seeing in my many Rome-Viareggio trips along the Aurelia an area chock full of campgrounds. And so we choose Albinia, in the province of Grosseto, a few kilometers from Monte Argentario.

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Well I’ll say it right now, I usually take a different kind of vacation. I combine a few art cities, maybe near the sea, with a few playgrounds equipped for children and a few exhibitions or activities suitable for the whole family. In short, my vacation-typical, for the last 4-5 years, is what I have already told about on DoveVado for example in Perugia. Not this time. This time work fatigue and especially the idea of facing a whole summer of work commitments made me choose a completely different option. That is, complete relaxation or, if you prefer, idleness. Which, by the way, total idleness never is when you tour with two children who are 7 years old in two. We choose an ideal place to be quiet without too much thought and with the children always under control, of course. The choice therefore falls on Camping Il Gabbiano, and I will explain the reasons below.

Albinia beach is ideal for young children

In order to stay relaxed at the beach I still have to be able to keep an eye, constantly, on Diego and Flavia, he 5 years old she 2. And the beach in Albinia is perfect for this. First of all, because it’s not very wide, and no matter how far down the beach you want to put yourself, you always have an eye on the shore. So when the children are bathing in the sea, you can always watch them. Also, the bottom slopes very very gently, so you have to walk in the water for a few dozen meters before you can get to where a baby won’t touch. Another aspect that, with Diego starting the pool course this year and Flavia gyrating with the floaties, is reassuring.

As far as I have seen, no jellyfish, beaches fairly clean and provided with trash cans. All of the beaches have a portion of umbrellas and sunbeds for a fee, usually managed by the campsite behind, but they all have a portion of free beach where you can freely plant your own umbrella. Really convenient, especially for those who do not have too much money to spend.

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Sunny and cool

The location of the beach is strategic. During the day, as with all self-respecting beaches, it is the heat and sun that are the norm. But just behind the sand dunes is a wide swath of Mediterranean scrub and pine forest. A pleasure, after a few hours spent in the sun, to return to the inside of the campground (or to the cars left outside the campground area-there is also public parking for those who want to enjoy the beach just a day) via the driveway through the trees. A climate that immediately regenerates you, and makes it less taxing to return after the sea.

vialetto albinia

But the location is also strategic for those who love photography. By day, the Argentario promontory, Giglio Island and Montecristo Island are clearly visible. In the evening everything is colored orange and deep red, and in the distance the outline of the Rock of Talamone stands out. I spent a half hour on the beach, alone with my Nikon, shooting and shooting.

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Camping Il Gabbiano, Albinia

While it is true that the area around is full of places to see and visit, from the islands to the Argentario promontory not to mention the Grosseto hinterland, it is also true that with 5 days of vacation, and with the weather a bit uncertain, it happens that you practically don’t move from the campsite. Also because the choice had fallen on a facility that turned out to be very nice and efficient, Camping Il Gabbiano. Large, well-maintained bungalows, welcome kit with soaps and bubble bath (not at all a given at a campground), linen rental if needed.

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The campground is very well-maintained and well-maintained, with the driveways cleaned every day, the hedges arranged all the time. The impact is good starting from the entrance, with the efficient and courteous lobby, behind which is a small mini-market (they also have fresh milk, meat, fruits and vegetables) and a bar-restaurant. Prices are decent, in fact much lower than, for example, Versilia (in the evening a cocktail max. 5 euros). At the bar I only had a chance to have a coffee (good, again above average). At the restaurant (Ristorante Il Gabbiano), on the other hand, we ate a couple of times: not bad and for all budgets, especially in the pizza department (which start at 3 euros and 50 cents).

Swimming pool and entertainment

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The highlight of The Seagull campsite is the swimming pool. In fact, the two pools, one on top of the other. The first with water five feet high, the other with water up to the calves, for the kids. There my children, with their little cousins, had a great time. And it turned out to be relaxing for us too: two hours in the sea, then shower and us on the deck chairs, the kids back in the water. I took advantage of it, since I am more of a child than my children some times, to take a few shots of myself underwater…. (which you can find on my Instagram profile)

I used the facility’s communal restrooms very little, except on the last day when we had already left our lodging. Spacious and clean bathrooms and showers, hair dryers, a laundry area, and a couple of drinking water fountains. Lots of stuff.

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There was also animation. Which, frankly, I don’t love. Fortunately, however, it was just 4 guys, discreet and nice, who just did some gymnastics in the morning at the beach and in the afternoon at the pool and took care of the children at other times of the day. Overcoming my initial skepticism, I also appreciated this service, especially the evening entertainment with the Mini Dance that Diego, Flavia, Elena and Viola loved. For the older ones, on the other hand, the possibility of guided diving, but also kitesurfing or windsurfing courses. Maybe next time…

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