Maine USA, discovering the Pine Tree State

One of the ‘pearls’ of the north-eastern United States is the State of Maine, which borders Canada to the east and north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and New Hampshire to the west. It is the largest of the states that make up New England: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. We set out to discover the Pine Tree State, nickname of this beautiful corner of paradise.

Turism Maine

Tourism in Maine is mainly related to hunting and fishing and all outdoor sports. Maine is home to New England’s only natural park, Acadia National Park. The area that attracts the most tourists is the coastal area, with famous lighthouses dotting the coastline and quaint little villages such as Bar Harbor. The vast wooded areas mean that many visitors come here during the autumn season to admire the beautiful Maine foliage.

Maine United States where it is located

If you dream of breathtaking landscapes, unspoilt nature and a relaxing calm, then Maine is your perfect destination! Located in the north-east of the United States, Maine is a true paradise for nature lovers. To reach it by car, you can take I-95 which crosses Maine from south to north.

For a faster trip, the plane option is ideal. Portland International Airport is the main entry point, served by domestic and international flights. Once you have landed, renting a car is the best option for exploring this wonderful region, enjoying spectacular views along the coast and in the enchanted forests of Maine.

Maine what to see, Why visit Maine

Certainly for the breathtaking nature that is the protagonist between the coast, mountains, forests, lakes, waterfalls and characteristic villages. If you are looking for enchanting places and tranquillity, Maine is certainly an ideal destination. There are no metropolises here; the largest city is Portland with about 70,000 inhabitants, the quaint central district of Old Port, cobblestone streets, historic brick buildings and the main ‘Commercial street.

In the capital city of Augusta, along the Kennebec River, the neo-Romanesque Old Post Office and the imposing State Capitol, the landmark government building of every state capital, stand out. Along the coast, between sandy beaches and rocky shoreline, pretty towns invite you to stop and discover what they have to offer. A stroll through beautiful Camden is just the beginning of a visit that culminates with the harbour, a restaurant overlooking the sea and the scenic Camden Hills State Park, which can also be visited from Rockport, a town of artists and fishermen, as well as Rockland, famous for its sailboat tours and active waterfront.

Bar Harbor Maine

Further east Bar Harbor boasts Acadia National Park, pleasant Main street and unmissable boat tours for an adrenaline-fuelled whale experience.

Further inland, the magic of nature unfolds between various scenic byways such as the Grafton Notch Byway, Million Dollar View Byway and Moosehead Lake Scenic Byway in the enchanting Lakeland. Along these routes, and more, you might spot moose, bear and deer in the woods.

Maine USA Acadia National Park
Maine tourism – Acadia National Park – © dconvertini on

And after dark, it happens that these creatures push their way to the side of the road or cross it. For an even more green experience and outdoor sports, I recommend Aroostook County in the far north, where the most populated town, Presque Isle, has about 9,000 residents.

To the west, Maine is home to a small section of the White Mountains National Forest, which extends further into neighbouring New Hampshire.

When to visit Maine, what is the best time?

Every season offers attractions and interest, from bathing in summer to skiing in winter, from the blossoming of flowers in spring to the breathtaking colours of autumn. I personally recommend visiting the Mane in autumn for the charm of the Foliage, when expanses of leaves are tinged with red, burgundy, orange, ochre and yellow, which, combined with green, create an irresistible palette of colours.

turism maine foliage
USA Maine – New England

Depending on latitude and certain weather conditions, colour intensity and duration may vary. Typically in Maine, the peak period ranges from the last week of September in the north to the second week of October going down to the coast. Dark red in colour, the most typical foliage is that of the maple tree, from which the excellent syrup is made, a typical complement to delicious waffles and pancakes.

What to eat in Maine?

Certainly when thinking of Maine, lobster is the first thing that comes to mind, whether in sandwich form, grilled or boiled, in any case a must try. And if you like shellfish, try clam chowder.

The apple cider, served warm to warm up, is also a delight, perhaps together with a tasty slice of blueberry pie. It only remains for me to wish you enjoyment in this natural paradise dotted with pretty villages and towns.

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