Two days in Ravenna with kids
Zoo Safari and Fiabilandia

Zoo Safari and Fiabilandia, two theme parks within walking distance of Ravenna that those with children between the ages of two and six must necessarily visit. That area of Romagna is famous not only for its beaches but also for the Mirabilandia park and Italia in Miniatura, which are, however, suitable for older children. Perhaps less well known, but much more child-friendly, are these two attractions that I am now going to tell you about


The idea of visiting Ravenna came about precisely because of the presence of thematic departments that would allow us to entertain the child. I speak of baby because nondespite having been there twice before, the first time in 2015, in both cases there was only Diego: Flavia had yet to be born. Which means that, shortly, I will return there.

For that matter, my memory of the town of Ravenna, which we should still get to know better, is very good. We always had a great time, and in my heart I still carry the memory of these two parks:Zoo Safari and Fiabilandia.

fiabilandia forta apache
The fort in Fiabilandia

In both of our stays we stayed in Lido di Classe, on the coast of Romagna. A quiet place (we always stayed there after the season was over) chosen for the well-equipped, family-friendly hotel and the presence of the beach just a few meters away. And, not insignificantly, because nearby we discovered a not bad little fish restaurant, but I will tell you about that maybe on another occasion. For now I focus only on Zoo Safari and Fiabilandia.


Fiabilandia is a large playground suitable for young children, ages 2 to 6-7. There are no roller coasters or games that children can only watch from below, as is the case with the nearby, better-known Mirabilandia.

The map of Fiabilandia

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Big attractions for little ones

At Fiabilandia there are many great attractions to spend a fun day: children have plenty to enjoy and come out of there, I assure you, exhausted.

Passing through a small oriental pathway that winds over the water, one in fact enters a fairy world, and from here one enters the labyrinth.

fiabilandia zen
Fiabilandia’s Zen Trail

The first mechanized attraction you come across is Merlin’s castle. You get on a kind of mini-train that takes you in and over the castle of the mythical Wizard: children have fun even in the darkest rooms, among spells and witches. From there on a series of games, all of course included in the ticket.

Fiabilandia is built all around a lake, with fish and weeping willows, which you can (it’s included in your ticket) cross by a charming and comfortable boat.

Prices vary depending on the season and type. Less than 13 euros for a child is not spent and it goes up to 23.50 euros for an adult. It must be said, however, that one spends the whole day in the park, from morning to evening, and the expense is worth it all since it gives access to all the games, even several times. There are often promotions: buying the ticket for Fiabilandia gives a significant discount (30-40%) on the purchase of the Zoo Safari ticket, if purchased together. However, the Fiabilandia ticket gives access to a free admission the day after the day of use. So, if you want, you can spend two whole days at the playground-the kids certainly won’t be bored!

Ci sono il fortino degli Apache e il Brucomela, le auto a guida autonoma e quelle ancorate al terreno che girano, le gabbie volanti e le battaglie in acqua su una specie di sottomarini guidati da rotaie. C’è il classico parco per bambini con scivoli e altalene, ma ci sono anche i tappeti elastici e il grande super-scivolo (questo lo ammetto è piaciuto tanto anche a me). E ancora, il drago acquatico e la casa dei pirati. Tutto, ripeto, a misura di bambino.


At Fiabilandia there are also many picnic areas and several food stations. One in particular is very convenient, since it is located right in front of the boat boarding point. The advice is to take the boat in the evening, when the children are tired by then and will gladly sit a quarter of an hour admiring the coolness of the evening and the stillness of the lake. In the evening, moreover, colorful water gushes are activated in the center of the lake, spraying meters high in time to the music. The advice for the refreshment stand instead is: bring sandwiches from home. The refreshment stand is good for a geleto or coffee, otherwise the expense goes up too much.

Fiabilandia is a park for children from 2 to 6-7 years old

If you want, as mentioned, you can enter the next day, with the same ticket, for free. We have been to Fiabilandia twice, and the second time we took advantage of this opportunity before heading back toward Versilia.

Fiabilandia, how to get there

Reaching this, which is one of the most beloved parks for children, is easy: in fact, it is located between two highway exits, Rimini Sud and Riccione; it has a Bus stop right in front of it, the Fiabilandia stop of Bus No. 9; and its proximity to the coast allows you to get there even from the sea on foot with Trolley Bus No. 11. By car, the recommended exit from the A14 highway is Rimini Sud; for those arriving from the south, we recommend the Riccione highway exit .

Zoo Safari

Not far from Fiabilandia, further toward Ravenna, is the Safari Zoo. Again, it is worth a visit (that’s an understatement, you spend at least half a day there) with children, not just very young ones. Animals always fascinate us adults, too (see my accounts of the Pistoia Zoo and the Biopark in Rome).

A lemur at Zoo Safari, Ravenna

The park, as in a real Safari but in a very small format, is traversed by car. You can use the rental car at the entrance, all made ofJurassic Park-style cage, or go in your own car. I looked at my Renault Beeper and said to myself, “but yes, he is ready to face the lions.”

With the car, in fact, one traverses the entire park. Free, scattered everywhere, are mouflon and zebra, ostrich and elephant, giraffe etanti other animals, all more or less in a reconstruction of their habitat.

Then you stand in front of a large gate. When the gate opens you go through to the other side, close it behind you and open the other large gate that is in front of you. There you are inside the lion area. Sorny and sleepy, as is often the case if you don’t encounter them in their natural habitat. Same story – the double gate – for the other big attraction, the tiger zone. Children, in front of all these animals, are fascinated and bamboozled. Me, when you find them within a few steps of your car and realize you also have your window half rolled down, a little less so.

[galleria numero=”2″]

Once the car tour is over (we go at a walking pace, stopping to take photos and videos so it lasts even a couple of hours) there is the farm area, with many more common animals. As explained in other posts it is the baby goats, docile and cute, that attract the attention of the little ones. But also the lemurs they attract attention: in turns you can go into the enclosure and play with them: they let you approach them, sniff around and – I warn you – try to steal GoPro cameras with rods… it happened to me and I didn’t want to believe it, a lemurs It stuck to my rod and wouldn’t let go….

There are horses, ostriches, albino donkeys, a few monkeys. And then there is, near the food court, a sheltered area with lots of games for children, starting with inflatables. The reptile area is also nice, though not comparable to the reptile house in Rome inside the Villa Borghese Bio Park.

The monkey area

The monkey area deserves special attention. You get there at the end (or beginning, it depends) of the path through the farm. The area is entered only through a small train, all open but protected by heavy plastic sheeting. And we understand why as soon as we get inside. As soon as the toy train enters the area it is literally stormed by monkeys.

The first impact, I must say, is peculiar, strong, perhaps almost frightening: you witness from inside the train this onslaught, with the monkeys throwing themselves on the convoy screaming. Then you get used to it, and you understand on the fly what they want. Inside the train there are little funnels where you can throw peanuts that come to the outside of the train. And there, among the monkeys, it’s a race to see who can grab the most.

scimmia safari
Zoo Safari

Zoo Safari ticket costs 25 euros, free for children under 4 years old; 21 euros for children 4 to 10 years old

Getting there

The Ravenna Safari Zoo is located at 2 Via dei Tre Lati 2, Mirabilandia Location in Savio di Ravenna (RA).

Not far away

Not far from the parks I visited are other major entities, such as the Cattolica Aquarium, Mirabilandia and Italia in Minitura. They will probably be destinations for future visits when my children are a bit older. It is definitely worthwhile, however, to visit Ravenna. I did it badly and in a hurry: among the things I do not forget the basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classecon its wonderful mosaics, to which Dove vado also dedicated a post. The promise then is to return.

Zoo safari e fiabilandia
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