Beaches on the island of Elba – choose your favourite one

If you are looking for a very beautiful and easy to reach place where you can enjoy the sea, Elba Island beaches are for you. The island of Elba is a medium sized island located in the Tuscan archipelago suitable for families and for sunbathing lovers in general.

portoferraio island of elba
portoferraio island of elba

You can choose from dozens of beautiful beaches with various bottoms – sand, pebbles, rocks – of different shapes and sizes.

Sandy beaches Island of Elba

The Island of Elba is full of very beautiful beaches, some more than others, but the thing that remains in your heart after your holiday is the water: so transparent and clean that you have nothing to envy in the Caribbean! Also very frequent are small schools of fish swimming close to the shore.

A fundamental premise is that in my travels I have not yet had the opportunity to visit the beach of Sansone. I know from hearsay that it is wonderful but this year, given the number of tourists who have besieged the island, we decided to avoid it precisely because it is very famous.

Marina di Campo Beach

The beach of Marina di Campo is probably the longest on the island, with a dozen or so bathing establishments alternating with spaces left for the free beach. Among the advantages are the possibility of arriving late in the morning, because the car park is very large with free parking, and the fact that the beach is very close to the centre so there are amenities such as restaurants and shops that are not discounted in other parts of the island.

Marina di Campo island of Elba
Marina di Campo island of Elba

The beach of Marina di Campo is a sandy beach and the water is not the best on the island: I could say that it is very similar to the coast that you could find on the Tuscan coast, like in Viareggio or Lido di Camaiore.

Fall in love Beach

The beach of Lovers Elba is another quite famous sandy beach on the island. There is a small car park with parking meter and inside the beach there is a bar.

Fall in love Beach
Fall in love Beach

The sand is not as light as on the rest of the island, but darker in colour, almost earthy. I honestly didn’t like it very much because of this characteristic, but the crystal clear water compensated for this lack. Another advantage is that it is usually not very crowded and therefore there is less confusion than other beaches on the island.

The beach of Cavoli

The beach of Cavoli Island of Elba is one of the most famous on the island and has the advantage of being close to the centre, like Marina di Campo. The car park where we left the car is very uphill, in a narrow and dirt road, so suitable for the daredevils of the steering wheel!

Cavoli beach - elba island beach - © Simona Spinelli
Spiaggia di Cavoli – beaches island of elba – © Simona Spinelli

Seriously, there is the possibility to choose between this free car park, which is located above the right side of the road coming from Marina di Campo, and others that are much closer to the beach for a fee. Obviously, to park in the latter, you have to arrive early in the morning because there are not many places, as always. Consider also that the free beach, divided into two spaces interspersed with an establishment, is very small, so it is always better to go early.

The beach of Cavoli also allows you to camp on the rocks, in case the beach is occupied. Obviously, the important thing is to have suitable footwear, better if you have slippers, but we didn’t have them and we also adapted with flip-flops. Another piece of advice for rock lovers is to get a small tent, because fixing the beach umbrella is no small feat!

Pebble beaches Island of Elba

The Island of Elba, in addition to the traditional sandy beaches, also has many pebble beaches. Among the ones I liked the most there are undoubtedly the Ghiaie beach and the Capo Bianco beach, both near Portoferraio, and the Spiaggia del Relitto beach.

Personally, I usually prefer sandy beaches, especially if it’s for a whole day, because lying on the rocks all day is not really ideal for your back, but some of them are really spectacular and worth it. By the way, you can do a lot of fun activities with pebbles, such as bouncing stones off the surface or feeling like an artist by composing little sculptures like this one!

Le Ghiaie beach

Le Ghiaie Elba has the advantage of being convenient because the car park is close by and is just a stone’s throw from the centre of Portoferraio.

Le Ghiaie Elba Beach
Le Ghiaie Elba Beach

The thing that has stuck with me the most is the Ghiaie beach, which is why I recommend wearing a mask and snorkel, and the amount of fish swimming one metre from the shore. Mostly they are eyes, small light fish that create a sparkling play of light and reflections on the waves.

Capo Bianco beach

The Capo Bianco beach is surrounded by a high cliff and can be reached by a flight of steps. The pebbles are very white and, needless to say, the water is record-breaking.

White Cape Beach
White Cape Beach – © Simona Spinelli

As I have already written, the parking fee is fixed and you can choose between the afternoon or the whole day. The beaches of Ghiaie and Capo Bianco are very close and it is possible to visit them both in one day (I suggest to see Ghiaie beach first because of the parking).

White Cape beaches island of elba - © Simona Spinelli
Beaches on the island of Elba - choose your favourite one 9

The Wrecked Elba Beach

I consider the Wreck’s beach a pleasant discovery because the first time I was on the island I hadn’t heard about it and a nice lifeguard in Cavoli recommended it to me.

As you can guess from the name, the beach, located in the far west of the island, is 150 meters from the wreck of a ship completely submerged by water. Finding it is not difficult because it is very close to a big rock (besides the fact that on the surface there are always many tourists who go there to visit it.

The seabed is 15 metres deep but the highest point is at about 3 metres, so with two strokes of your fins you can even touch it, being always careful because of the rust! The beach is probably the smallest on the island, it is composed only of rocks and therefore it is advisable to see it in the evening. For example, we spent the day in Cavoli and we went to the Wreck only at 7.00 p.m., when no one was there anymore and only 1 hour before the end of the parking meter payment.

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