Pag Croatia or the young island

The island of Pag is characterised by its lunar landscape, enchanting beaches and social life. Among the five must-see islands, I have also rightly included this Croatian island. There is nothing lacking on this elongated island. Pag in Croatia is an island where young people from all over Europe come in search of fun, while life in the rest of the area flows at a slow and secular pace.

The island of Pag has 9,000 inhabitants concentrated in the two towns of Pag and Novalja, but during the summer season it is frequented by many young people who find in this corner of Croatia a place to spend their holidays.

Pag, A bit of history…

The history of the island of Pag is ancient. There are settlements dating back to the Stone Age and the Romans also came to the island in the 1st century. The name PAG comes from Pagus meaning village. It was therefore a small settlement that began to populate in the 6th century with the arrival of Slavic populations.

From 1409, the island was under Venice, and the town of Pag that we see today was founded in 1443. The old town was liberated from the Byzantine government in 976 by King Stjepan Drzislav. It was a city with walls, fortresses, towers, squares and churches and it had its own port.

Croatian King Ludovik I confirmed Pag’s status as a free royal town in 1376, but in 1403 King Ladislav sold his part of Dalmatia, which included Pag, to Venice. In 1443, in view of the danger of the Turks, construction of the new town began 1 kilometre from the original settlement.

Pag Island one of the 5 unmissable islands in the Mediterranean
Pag Island one of the 5 unmissable islands in the Mediterranean

Island of Pag nightlife

Those in search of nightlife or entertainment have Novalja as their destination, full of bars and discos. Zrće Zrće is one of the best known and busiest beaches, where you can spend the morning in the many bars and clubs. Here young people meet and have fun… in every way.

Pag Discos: A Journey into the Nightlife of the Island of Pag

If you are looking for an unforgettable nightlife experience, the island of Pag in Croatia is the destination for you.
Over the past decade, the clubbing scene on this Croatian island has grown exponentially, making Zrće beach a legendary place for party lovers. Four of Zrće’s clubs are even listed on the Dj Mag Top 100 Clubs 2020 list, demonstrating the global popularity of this destination.

Kalypso Pag : The Pioneer Disco

Kalypso is the discotheque that kick-started Pag’s nightlife scene. Founded in 1987, it was the first beach disco in Croatia. Initially a small bar, Kalypso has expanded to include a swimming pool, stages and VIP areas, turning into a full-fledged beach club.
The club is known for its afterbeach parties that start in the afternoon and continue into the evening. Each year, Kalypso hosts some of the biggest names in electronic music, but also gives space to local DJs, helping to enhance the Croatian music scene.

Papaya : The Most Popular Club in Novalja

Papaya is perhaps the most famous disco in Pag, ranked 7th on DJ Mag’s list of the world’s best clubs. Founded in 2002, the club has a capacity of about 4,500 people and offers a large area for afterbeach parties during the day and a large main hall for night events. Some of the world’s most famous DJs, such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Calvin Harris, have played here, making Papaya a must for any electronic music lover.

NOA Club: The Unique Experience

NOA is a relatively new club, opened in 2011, but it has quickly become one of the best clubs in the Mediterranean. Its special feature is that it is located entirely on water, offering a unique experience to visitors. During the day, you can relax in the VIP areas, dive into the sea or enjoy a massage. At night, the club turns into a disco with spectacular lighting effects and 3D projections.

Other Clubs to Explore

Besides these giants, there are other clubs such as Aquarius, Cocomo Club and Rocks Beach Club that offer a different but equally exciting experience.
Aquarius is known for its afterbeach parties and has a capacity of 2,000 people.
Cocomo Club is more of a disco bar than a nightclub and offers a panoramic view of the Novalja Bay from its terrace.
Rocks Beach Club is the latest addition to the Zrće scene and offers a more relaxed setting with a pool surrounded by palm trees.

With such a wide variety of clubs and atmospheres, this place is undoubtedly one of the best nightlife destinations in Europe. Whether you are a veteran of the clubbing scene or a novice looking for a good time, this island has something to offer everyone.

Noteworthy are the numerous music festivals hosted on the island and if you need info click here.

Island of Pag Beaches

But Pago is not just about partying and fun. Wanting to enjoy the beautiful coastline in search of less crowded places, the island also offers a variety of enchanting beaches for those seeking a more relaxing experience. The beach at Beritnica is one of these, a somewhat secluded spot that offers breathtaking scenery and less crowding.
Other beaches such as Ručice and Čista offer a quieter experience, away from the hustle and bustle of nightlife. If you are looking for some relaxation, the island’s quiet fishing villages are the ideal place to disconnect from the routine and enjoy Croatia’s natural beauty.

Pag island where you can also relax

Those looking for something other than the nightlife will prefer Pag. The town has a familiar feel to it (it was under Venice) and seems to have stood still in time with its narrow streets, stone houses, and old people sitting chatting on the doorstep. It is also possible to find women making the famous lace that is an ancient tradition on the island.


How to get to Pag

The town of Pag is very easy to reach and is only 50 km from the city of Zadar. The Paski most bridge that connects the island to the mainland is one of the routes, but for us Italians, the ferry in Prizna is more convenient, which will take you to the island in a 20-minute crossing and very low cost, even for a car.

There is also the Ancona-Zadar ferry. In high season there are night and day runs.

Those who want to go to Novalja can also use the catamaran service that connects it with Rijeka, Ilovik and Susak.

Novalja - sunset
Novalja – sunset

Where to stay in Pag

For those who want nightlife, we certainly recommend Novalja, while those who like tranquillity and comfort should head for the town of Pag. For those looking for something quaint, we recommend the villages where many inhabitants rent houses and rooms.

Where to Eat on Pag: A Gastronomic Journey to the Island

After a night of partying in the discos of Pag, you might be looking for a place to enjoy some good food. The island of Pag offers a variety of gastronomic options ranging from bars to restaurants, both on the waterfront and in the more inland areas.

What to eat

One of the typical appetisers you will find in almost every restaurant is a board with the famous Paski Sir cheese, smoked Posidarija ham and peppers in oil, all accompanied by the local white wine, Šutica.

If you are a meat lover, lamb is a must. This dish has a unique flavour due to the special environment in which the lambs are reared. It is cooked in many different ways, making it one of the island’s specialities. Other meat options include Raznici, skewers of grilled meat, onions and peppers, and Cevapcici, small meatballs prepared with onion and paprika. These dishes are often accompanied by Ajvar sauce, a slightly spicy sauce made from peppers, aubergines and garlic.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Benedictine Monastery of St Margaret’s on Pag produces Baskotini, sweet milk rolls typical of the island. They are perfect to dunk in hot milk or coffee, making your breakfast or snack even more delicious.

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